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Autumn vernissage in the KPI

2013.11.07 Урочисте відкриття першої частини щорічного мистецького конкурсу "Таланти КПІ"

The grand opening of the first part of the annual art contest "Talents of KPI" was held on November 7, 2013 in exhibition hall of the building 7 of the National Technical University of Ukraine.

Canvases filled with love to life

Photo. Tamilla Grinuk

With the beginning of a new academic year in Kiev polytechnic began a new exhibition season in the Art Gallery of Centre of Culture and Arts of NTUU “KPI”. Thus the first personal exhibition of Tamilla Grinuk pictures was opened on 25, September.

Babi Yar remembers ...

Україна, Київ. Пам'ятник дітям загиблим у Бабиному Яру

Ancient Kyiv has lots of spectacular things to impress its guests with. Among them are numerous ravines and cliffs on the right bank of the Dnieper. There are many ravines: Protasiv and Rep’yakhiv, Voznesensky and Kmytiv, Khreschchatyi and Kuchma, Mokriy and Kozhem'yatskyy ...

Танцювальний конкурс з хіп-хопу

2013.05.25 Dance Competition Devoted to Hip-Hop

May 25 on the bases of Centre of Students` Consolidation the dance competition devoted to hip-hop “Hype Dance Battle” was held for the first time in NTUU “KPI”. In this competition the students of “KPI” and other participants from different parts of Ukraine took part.

The beauty of native land on the canvas of Vasylya Klymyka

2013.05.04 Виставка Василя Володимировича Климика в Картинній галереї НТУУ "КПІ"

The exhibition of paintings was opened by a Society of artist of Ukraine, Society of architecs of Ukraine of honored artist of Ukraine and honourable citizen of Vyschgorod Vasyliy Volodimorovich Klymyka in the Art Gallery NTU “KPI” on 14th May 2013.

Voice of victory. Yurii Borysovych Levitan

Image-1945. Люди слухають оголошення по радіо

Many people believe that the personal enemy of Adolf Hitler was a legendary submariner, the Hero of the Soviet Union Oleksandr Ivanovych Marynesko (1913-1963), which is sent to the bottom of the Baltic Sea the ship called "Wilhelm Hustlov" with five thousand people on the board.

Isidro Ferrer "Miracles Collection" in KPI

Photo. Ferrer Isidro

Lecture “Miracles collection “ was read on April, 16 by famous Spanish designer and artist of the book Isidro Ferrer for students of NTUU “KPI”.

Picture from a family album

Foto. Гагарін Ю. Фотографія з сімейного альбому

If in the USSR determined, as today, the most popular, the most attractive and, in general, the most- most... people, during many years out of competition would be there among them, certainly, the first cosmonaut of planet Yurij Gagarin.

Nicholas Copernicus and Isaac Newton in Kiev and Ukraine

Титульна сторінка книги М. Коперника з електронної виставки бібліотеки ім. В.Вернадського

Do not hurry to search the web for information about when did these great scientists visit Kyiv or Ukraine ... Unfortunately, none of them have been here.

Frederic Chopin - the great Polish composer and pianist

Дагерротип Шопена, 1849.

Frederic Franciszek Chopin was born February 22, 1810 (according to other sources March 1, 1810) in Zelazowa Wola, near Warsaw. He lived in a musical environment and in 5 years already independently perform simple plays.



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