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Research Bulletin of NTUU "KPI"

The Research Bulletin of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Politechnic Institute" publishes only the new results of fundamental and applied scientific research on the subjects of the journal, which had not been previously published in other scientific publications in Ukraine or abroad.

The outstanding achievement of Professor V.M Gorshkov


For the long time, the leading journal of the world in the field of applied physics "Journal of Applied Physics" at the end of the year determines the best, according to the editorial, articles published in the journal during the year (Editor's Picks).

Collection "Information technology and security"

Collection of research papers “Information Technology and Security” – scientific publication of the State institution "Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" for the publication of basic scientific results of dissertations and scientific papers by candidates scientific degrees and academic titles ,

Collection of "Modern Problems of Economics and Business"

Collection of scientific works created in 2006 on the basis of the International scientific and practical conference "Development of entrepreneurship as a factor in the growth of the national economy" as an opportunity aprobovuvAnni results of their research students of economics "KPI". With a year in its ranks and joined the students of technical specialties.

Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Philology. Pedagogy

ISSN 2410-8278 (Online), ISSN 2307-1591 (Print)

The journal «Advanced Education»

The journal “Advanced Education” highlights the results of theoretical, applied and scientific research on wide range of issues of higher education in Ukraine and worldwide. In particular, it deals with the problems of modern methods of teaching Humanities and Social Sciences in higher school, the implementation of ICT in education that leads to improvement of educational process efficiency.

Journal «Actual problems of economics and management" of management and marketing faculty of NTUU «KPI»

The collection of scientific works of scientists and professors reflected the current state and trends of development in the fields of economic theory and international economics, menedzhementu and marketing. Rozhlyadayutya methods and tools of mathematical modeling



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