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Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the plasticine map

Art cafe "Plasticine crow"

Tourists are always looking for interesting things in new cities. Art cafe "Plasticine crow" in Harkiv tend to be so. The place is very atmospheric, in the style of the eponymous cartoon.

Pearls of Kyiv`s porcelain

Kyiv, exhibition, exhibit "ballerina"

The exhibition of unique Ukrainian porcelain art property has been held in Kyiv`s museum of history.

Caution – measles!

Caution –  measles!

Measles is acute disease with high level of contagiousness (up to 100 %).

Theater With No Face

Театр на Подолі

That is how Kyiv tour guides are calling the new theater building on Podil. The modern architecture allows the viewers to enjoy the things that are happening on the stage while not getting distracted by decorations.

Tetyana Afanasieva-Erenfest – mathematician, physics, educator

Т. Афанасьєва-Еренфест читає лекцію в м. Орджонікідзе (нині - Владикавказ). 1933 р.

Tetyana Oleksyivna Afanasieva-Erenfest’s name (19.11.1876 – 14.4.1964 , in western literature - Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa) is little-known though she contributed a lot to the development of sience.

Gender gap index: in Ukraine and world

Gender gap index: in Ukraine and world

Every year the World Economic Forum carry out investigation of gender gap index.

Chocolate. Improving the mood and cheering up


Chocolate. Sweet joy for children and adults. They say it braces up when you eat it and improves the mood when you look at it. It’s possible to see chocolate works of art not only in the store windows, but also in museums.

With love from Ukrainians

Ukraine, Poltava, A monument to pigs and piggys near the main building of the Poltava Scientific Research Institute of Pigs named after A.V.Kvasnitsky

In the early years of independence ambitious children’s magazine took pool among children and their parents in order to find the symbol of the publishing house. It was like: what is the most known and the mostly wide spread animal in Ukraine? Most of them choose a pig as the best candidate.

The flu: what to do if you get sick?

The flu:  what to do if you get sick?

Influenza (also known as flu) is a highly contagious virus disease that can lead to hard complications or death. The flu is more dangerous than any other acute respiratory viral infections (A.R.V.I.), but it has similar symptoms with them.

Dry Kyiv jam: beautiful, tasty and useful

Dry Kyiv jam: beautiful, tasty and useful

New Year Holidays are ongoing and different goodies on our tables don’t end. A novelty for Kyiv’s citizens was the appearance at the end of the year of a ‘tasty’ souvenir - artistically decorated metal cans and fancy packages with dry Kyiv jam (candied fruits).



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