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Sikorsky Igor

Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich

Фото. Сікорський Ігор Іванович

Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (25.05.1889, Kyiv - 26.10.1972, Easton, CT, USA) - the world famous aircraft designer, creator of the helicopters went down in history as the author of the first in the world aviation industry multiengined airplanes and helicopters.

Unique gifts of models of helicopters by the famous aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky

2018.09.28 Unique gifts of models of helicopters by the famous aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky

On September 28, 2018, the State Polytechnic Museum hosted a solemn event – the transfer of the model of helicopter models by the prominent aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky.

It is devoted to Igor Sikorsky

Сікорський І.І. на гелікоптері VS-300, 1941 рік

The regular meetings of the series cultural evenings, dedicated to outstanding personalities of Ukrainian and Polish history took place on 21 September at the Scientific and Technical Library "KPI after Igor Sikorsky".

On granting NTUU “KPI” with the name of Igor Sikorsky

Пам'ятник Ігорю Сікорському

he day before the start of new academic year, according to the order of Minister of Education and Science, Lilia Hrynevych, dated August, 17, 2016 № 922 to grant NTUU "KPI" with the name, our university was named in tribute to the former student , outstanding aircraft designer of XX century Igor Ivanovych Sikorsky. Thus, it's full name from now on is National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute". Certainly, this final decision was preceded by a series of measures envisaged by the current law.

Our university named after Igor Sikorsky!

2016.08.17 Наказ Міністра освіти і науки України про перейменування КПІ

Наказом Міністра освіти і науки України Лілії Гриневич від 17 серпня 2016 року №992 "Про присвоєння імені Національному технічному університету України "Київський політехнічний інститут" нашому університету присвоєно ім'я його колишнього студента, видатного авіаконструктора ХХ століття І.І.Сікорського.

Meeting on Supervisory Board Creation for ‘Sikorskyi’s National Center’ Charity Fund took place in NTUU ‘KPI’

2016.05.20 збори зі створення Наглядової ради  Благодійного фонду  «Національний центр  Сікорського»

On May, 20th a meeting on Supervisory Board creation for ‘Sikorskyi’s national center’ Charity Fund took place in NTUU ‘KPI’. Viktor Yushchenko, the third Ukrainian president, participated in it.

An unusual "exhibit" – an ancient piano

Київ, 1906, Сім'я Сікорських

The exhibition of the State Polytechnic Museum "KPI" added a new exhibit. In the I.I. Sikorskyi Department of Aviation and Cosmonautics the instrument - an ancient piano attracts the attention of visitors. It would seem, what does this thing have to do with aviation and rocketry? It turns out - a

Sikorsky Igor. The man who made the dream of Leonardo da Vinci come true

Фото. Сікорський Ігор Іванович

The boy liked to listen to his mother’s stories about the infinite universe, mysterious stars, about the secrets of the seas and oceans, the wonderful and exciting world that stretched far beyond the walls of the Kyiv apartment.

To the anniversary I.I. Sikorsky

2009.05.25 Вшанування пам'яті І.Сікорського

Honoring. University "KPI" with gratitude and respect remembers his famous graduate – Igor Sikorski. In his honor, a memorial plaque was installed on the territory of the KPI.

The first flights in the sky of Kiev

Перші польоти в небі Києва

For many years, Dovzhenko garden, located on the territory of the National Film Studio, along with the architectural ensemble of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and factories that work in these areas are the symbols of Shulyavka.


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