Trade unions (labour unions) are voluntary non-profitable public organizations which unite citizens connected by common interests by the nature of their professional (labour) activity (studying). Primary organization of labour union is a member's voluntary association of labour union who work at one enterprise, establishment or organization regardless of ownership form and a type of managing or at the individual use hired labour, or provide itself with work independently, or study in one educational institution.

Primary trade-union organization is created in establishment, organization, enterprise, educational institution if there are at least 3 members of trade unions or 3 workers who wish to form a trade union organization. About their affiliation with trade unions primary trade union organization informs the appropriate regional office of Justice and the employer. Primary trade-union organization is guided in its activities by applicable law, the requirements of the union Charter, program documents and decisions of trade-union bodies. The supreme body of primary trade-union organization is meeting (conference) of members of Labour union. Trade-union meeting (conference) are carried out as required, but not less than two times a year, in the terms determined by trade-union committee or higher trade-union body.

Primary trade-union organization of employees of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” is a voluntary association of university staff, declared on entering into its structure. The supreme body of primary trade-union organization is its conference.