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"Teacher-researcher", "Junior teacher-researcher", Leader of the Year Awards *

Конкурс «Викладач-дослідник» та «Молодий викладач-дослідник»

In these awards can participate teachers that are mainly employed in KPI (for at least 0.5 of teacher’s experience) and in addition to teaching are conducting researches, training PhDs, managing scientific work of students, publishing results of their work in leading national and international scientific journals, monographs, innovative textbooks.

Olexander Vasyljovych Stepanets’ - teaches and popularizes engineer specialties

Olexander Vasyljovych Stepanets’

Associate professor of the department of ATEP (automation of heat-and-power engineering processes) Olexander Vasyljovych Stepanets’ is the winner of the contest “Young teacher-researcher 2018”.

N.A.Buryak. The young teacher-researcher from IEE departmentконцерт второго сезона Лиги смеха КПИ

Надія Буяк

In the annual competition the assistant of  the thermal technonlogy and energy concervation IEE department N.A.Buryak , was created «The young reacher-recercher  - 2018».

Volodymyr Shymkovych: expert of neural network steering system

Volodymyr Shymkovych

FIOT scientist Volodymyr Shymkovych was mentioned as one of the winners of university’s contest “Junior teacher-researcher 2018”.

Ivan Pyshnograyev: Models complex socio-economic systems

Ivan Pyshnograyev

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems of the FMM Ph.D. Ivan Pyshnograyev, one of the winners of the University Contest “Young Teacher-Researcher 2017”.

Dmytro Oleksandrovych Progonov. Will take care of the unsanctioned access

Dmytro Oleksandrovych Progonov

Among the winners of the University Contest “Young Teacher-Researcher 2017” there was the name of associate professor of the Department of Physical-Technical Means of Information Protection Dmytro Oleksandrovych Progonov.

Andriy Kirichok: Accurate communication and information management

Andriy Kirichok

       We live in the world of communication, as up to 70% of entire time people spend on communication: writing, reading, speaking, listening. Only communication provides the transmission of information and ideas. It is a process that facilitates the society evolution.

Steam turbines will last longer

Пешко Віталій Анатолійович

“They have to serve longer,” says Vitaliy Anatolyovych Peshko, assistant lecturer at the Thermal Power Units of Thermal and Atomic Power Plants of the HPEF, the winner of the University Young Contributor-Research Assistant 2017 Competition.

Expert in dispersed generation sources

Denys Grygorovych Derevyanko

We are witnessing the increase in energy consumption resulting in critical environmental pollution and climate change.

Andriy V. Gilchuk: Energetics of the future is created by youth

Andriy V. Gilchuk

Today, the world needs breakthrough energy technologies based on the fundamental and new achievements of physics, mathematics, thermodynamics and other sciences. Young researchers and students are actively involved in this work.



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