Scientific structural subsections consist of department scientific elements, subdepartment scientific elements, training science institutes (TSI), research institutions (RI), research centres (RC), design departments and other scientific elements.

Scientific structural subsections act at behest of chancellor and on the basis of statements affirmed by him.

  1. Research Institute of Automation Experimental Studies
    headed by Tyz Julian Mychailovych, associate professor.
    Phone number (044) 204-82-20
  2. Research Institute of Electronics and Microsystems Engineering
    headed by Tatarchuk Dmytro Dmytrovych.
    Phone number (044) 204-96-76, 204-92-30,
  3. Telecommunication Research Institute
    headed by Ilchenko Mychailo Juchymovych, director of NASU, associate professor, prof.; Phone number (044) 204-83-13, 204-84-11
  4. Research centre «Trustworthiness» headed by Bobyr Mykola Ivanovych,  Associate professor, prof.
    Phone number (044) 204-80-02
  5. Research centre «Resource Saving Technologies»
    headed by Panov Eugene Mykolajovych,  Associate professor, prof.
    Phone number (044) 204-80-62, 204-81-70
  6. Metal, Timber Equipment and Machinery Construction Certification Department
    headed by Bobyr Mykola Ivanovych, Associate professor, prof.
    Phone number (044) 204-80-02
  7. Design department «STORM»
    headed by Pukha Serhiy Petrovych.
    Phone number (044) 226-23-96
  8. Applied sociology «Socio+» Research institute
    headed by Melnychenko Anatoliy Anatolijovych, candidate of science.
    Phone number (044) 477-46-62, 204-93-85
  9. Scientific centre «ECOTEZ» headed by Varlamov Gennadiy Borysovych.
    Phone number (044) 204-98-95, 204-92-45