Riot of colors and patriotic feelings

An exhibition of paintings known in Kyiv artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Vasily M.Kush, was held in the exhibition hall FSL.

His creations are multifaceted and thematically diverse by artistic methods and refined techniques. Before the audience, a series of spectacular scenery all over Ukraine unfolds. The beauty of dreamy summer scenery and sparkling frost of winter blizzard envelops looking at the paintings of artist audience. These are "Willows in the pool", "Native Village", "Winter Steppe".

The second line of the artist - the military-patriotic picture. This series of paintings as a Cossack themes as well as pictures of military maneuvers and life of modern Ukrainian troops. Artist takes the scenes of Ukrainian historical folk paintings and enriches them. They are "Farewell to war Cossack" "Cossack army in the campaign," "Farewell Cossack with his beloved" and modern "Tank training", "On Battery", "The intelligence". Brave Cossacks images of historical paintings of the artist are transformed into portraits of contemporary Ukrainian army soldiers.

The works of the artist achieve their goals. They eloquently say, "Cossack military victory in defending the country is in demand today." The artistic heritage of the artist - one of the pages of modern Ukrainian national art.

G.U. Gritsenko, Head of Laboratory aesthetics FSL