News of science

Anna Pohrebniak: "Science Is Dynamic and Exciting Process"

In the coming years, Ukraine will need not only material resources for recovery, but also experienced specialists in all areas of science and social reproduction. In particular, the new strategy of sustainable development - the circular economy - is gaining special importance.

A Unique Acoustic Thermometer Was Created at FEL

Innovative devices for medical diagnosis, created at the Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems (AMES) under the leadership of Professor Serhii Naida, are traditionally recognized and in demand among specialists, and receive funding from sponsors.

Science and science-technical events plan

Scientists of the university organize a number of scientific and practical conferences and seminars. Scientific activities are an important part of a comprehensive, systematic approach to creative learning and intensive scientific research.

Another "PolyITAN" Is in Orbit! To Be Continued…

Nanosatellite "PolyITAN-HP-30" developed and manufactured at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was launched into orbit on January 3, 2023!

This is the third university’s nanosatellite of the "PolyITAN" series that was launched into space.