Address of academic mobility division: AB # 31;, office 13 and 14, the Department of educational work.
Phone: + 38-044-204-99-55, fax: + 38-044-456-36-17.
e-mail: vam[at]

Participation in programs of academic mobility gives students the opportunity to receive a quality European education in the chosen field of study, to expand their knowledge in all areas of European culture, to feel themselves full-fledged citizens of Europe. Academic Mobility Division of NTUU"KPI" protects the legitimate rights and interests of university students to address issues of academic mobility.

Division operates as a coordinating and advisory structure, contributes to higher academic mobility of students in our university.

General activities of the Division are:

  • Information University students of the opportunities and proposals for participation in the programs of academic mobility abroad;
  • Consulting students on the preparation of documents and applications for education, training, etc.;
  • Providing compliance with current legislation in arranging the departure of students to  universities;
  • Organization of presentations grants, scholarships and other programs and activities aimed at increasing academic mobility of students at the University;
  • Administration and introduction of the coordination of the dual degree program and student exchange programs.