Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language at the Center for International Education

November 28, foreign students NTUU "KPI" held the event in occasion of the Day of Ukrainian writing and language. They carefully prepared for this event: studied Ukrainian songs and poems of Ukrainian poets, made video presentation about the origin and development of Ukrainian writing, about major figures who have contributed to the creation of a modern Ukrainian language.

The evening was opened by the song "I love my Kiev!" of student 2nd year FASS Vunda Mpembele Gideon. Student 1st year FMM Kwansei Richard read a poem by Vladimir Sosyury "I know the power of words ..." A student of 5th year FIVT George Gusakov poem recited Vasyl Symonenko "You know that you are a man?" However, it was not the end of the meeting. Students solved puzzles, read Ukrainian proverbs and sayings, listened Ukrainian music and sang themselves. Student 2nd year FICT Boniface Lua sang Ukrainian folk song "I Pidkruchu black mustache." It is so pleasant to the audience that a student of 1st course of the IPT Van Duc Tai, too, decided to try and sang a song, which is one of Ukrainian characters - "Marigold".

The final word was given to the director of educational programs B.A. Tsiganok, who wished students success it the teaching and learning of the Ukrainian language and culture.

Julia Suddia, teacher CIE NTUU"KPI"