Public transport stations in the district of University

The campus of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is located in Solomenskiy district. The main educational complex adjacent to the old park.

Reaching the buildings of University

Reaching the university campus

  • entrance to the metro station “Politekhnichnyi instytut” width=the metro to the station Politekhnichnyi instytut” (Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska line - on the website of Kiev Subway, the scheme of metro and high-speed tram of Kiev - map-metro.gif)
  • by bus № 31 (Metro station “Politekhnichnyi instytut”- Tatarska street)
  • by tram №1 or 3 from station “Politekhnichna” to the main building – or you can use any route-bus that runs along Borshchagivska street on the route between the department store “Ukraina” and Industrial bridge
  • by tram №1 or 3 from the station “Poliova” to the buildings №12-16, 18, 22, 23, 24, 27, and dormitories
  • by tram №1 or from the station “Industrial bridge” to the building №30
  • by trolleybus № 5 from the station “Zoologichna” or you can use any route-bus that runs between Peremogy avenue on the route between metro stations "Politekhnichna" to the station "Shuliavskа".
  • by trolley-bus № 42, 21, 22, 27 to the station “Vyborzka”("Bilshovyk") – or you can use any route bus that runs along Hetmana street (former Industrialna street)

”theReach to other buildings of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

  • Building № 25 - from metro station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti", trolleybus № 18, 16 (1st station), Volodymyrska 7
  • Building № 26 - from the metro station "Klovska", along Leonida Pervomaiskogo street up to Panasa Myrnogo Street, building № 19. Or from metro station "Pecherska" (ЦВК - Central Electoral Comission) along Kutuzova street to Panasa Myrnogo street.

Reaching the institute

  • Central train station. Electric and passenger trains schedule on the station “Kyiv-Passazhyrskyi”

    From the train station “Kyiv-Passazhyrskyi” to the territory of Unoversity you can get:

    Exit to the “Pivdennyi” train station - route-bus 223 to the station Vyborzka street. Along Vyborzka street through public garden along Politekhnichna Street.

    Exit to Northern train station (old one) - metro station “Vokzalna” to the station Politekhnichnyi instytut” along Politekhnic side-street or Politekhnic street. From the metro building to the selection committee, dormitories and buildings on Borshchagivska Street you can get by route-bus № 442.

    Exit to the Northern train station (old one) - through covered crossing to the route terminal of high-speed tram (Starovokzalna street), tram №1 or №3 to the station Poliova street.

  • Central bus station of Kiev

    From Moskovska Square to the territoty of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute you can get by:

    Trolley-bus №42 (or route-bus 239) to the station Vyborzka street

    Metro station “Demiyivska” to “Politekhnichnyi instytut”

  • The airport “Boryspil”. Airplanes schedule of the airport “Boryspil”

    From the airport you can get by special-purpose buses of Aerosvit “Polit” to “Pivdennyi train station”.

  • The airport “Kyibv" (Zhuliany)
    Trolley-bus №42 or route-bus № 213 to the station “Vyborzka Street”.