PROEP: Annex I. Academic rules for students 1. Students` Rights

Student of the University has the rights to:

  • choose the forms of education;
  • safe and harmless studying, working and living conditions;
  • working career in extracurricular time;
  • additional paid leave due to studying at primary employment, shortened work  time,   and   other  facilities  for   studying   statutorily required  for individuals, who combines work with study;
  • free-of-charge use of libraries, information files, educational, scientific and sport services, and other departments of the University;
  • free access to knowledge through electronic educational technologies and the modern scientific content posted on the website of the University;
  • use manufacturing, cultural-educational, residential, recreational bases of the University;
  • dormitory providing during studying term in due order;
  • participate   in researches,   development  works,   conferences,   symposia, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, represent own works for publication;
  • participate   in  educational,   scientific,   research,   sports,   art  and   social activities held in Ukraine and abroad, in accordance with law;
  • participate in the discussion and resolving in the improvement of the educational process, research,  scholarships,  leisure time organizations,
  • living conditions, recreation;
  • making suggestions on the conditions and size of tuition fees;
  • participate in public associations;
  • participate in the public authorities university, institute, faculty activities,
  • the Academic Council of the University, the student government;
  • choose disciplines within the ambit of educational program and curriculum plan, in the amount of not less than 25% of the total ECTS credits, provided for this specialty and DHE. In addition to the above, applicants for a certain degree of higher education have the right to choose disciplines offered by other degrees of higher education, in agreement with the head of relevant institute/faculty;
  • study simultaneously at several educational programs, as well as at several universities, on condition getting only one higher education on every degree for the state (local) budget;
  • academic mobility, including international;
  • social assistance in cases established by law;
  • be enrolled in pension insurance record, according to the law of Ukraine “On Compulsory State Pension Insurance” in periods of full-time study at the University, graduate, doctorate, on condition of voluntary insurance contributions;
  • academic leave or a break in studying preserving individual rights of the applicant of higher education and renewal of studying in order established by the central executive body in the sphere of education and science;
  • participate in the organization of the individual curriculum plan moral and/or material incentives for academic, research, public work, art and sport achievements, etc.
  • protection from all forms  of exploitation,  physical and psychological violence;
  • free interning in enterprises, institutions and organizations and also labor compensation during carrying out functions, according to the law vacation leave at least eight weeks of the academic year;
  • getting  purposeful  concessional  loans  for  higher  education  in  order determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • appeal the actions of the University administration, officials and teaching staff;
  • free   information  providing   for   studying   in   available   formats   using technologies, which take into account disability due to health reasons (for persons with special educational needs);
  • special  education  and  rehabilitation  support  and  free   access  to  the infrastructure  of the  University according to  the  medical and  social indications for the having of disability due to health reasons;
  • review the programs of any of the disciplines;
  • review classes of teaching stuff according to the schedule;
  • transfer to the place of public order in due order;
  • obtain information on trends in the labor market of the relevant structures of the University;
  • attend  classes  at  other  institutes/departments  with the  permission of directors   /   deans    of   institutes/departments   on   condition   schedule compliance of the educational process at own institute/faculty;
  • other rights provided by the law.
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