Contest «Teacher-researcher»

"Teacher-researcher", "Junior teacher-researcher", Leader of the Year Awards *

In these awards can participate teachers that are mainly employed in KPI (for at least 0.5 of teacher’s experience) and in addition to teaching are conducting researches, training PhDs, managing scientific work of students, publishing results of their work in leading national and international scientific journals, monographs, innovative textbooks.

Teacher-Researcher - 2010, young teacher-researcher - 2010, Leader of the Year - 2010

Pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council of the National University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on January 17, 2011, protocol number 1, lists of the winners of competition  NTUU "KPI" in the "Teacher-researcher - 2010", "Young teacher-researcher - 2010" and "Leader of the year". Congratulations to the winners of  competition NTUU "KPI".

Research Teaching Fellow - 2008

According to the Academic Board decision of National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute”, the lists of winners of NTUU “KPI” competition in the following nominations: “Research teaching fellow – 2008”, “Young research teaching fellow-2008”

Research teaching fellow - 2007

The list of the academic teaching staff of the university, who according to the decision of the Academic board of NTUU "KPI" on January 14, 2008, were admitted as the winners in nominations " Research teaching fellow - 2007" and "Young Research teaching fellow -2017 ".

The new position - "The teacher-researcher"

Experience of research universities in the US, Germany and other leading countries shows that the highest quality of training provided by the research type universities, which is inherent in the organic combination of scientific and educational process.