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Seminar on digitization of historical, cultural and scientific heritage

2013.11.25-26 Міжнародний науково-практичний семінар з питань оцифровки історичного, культурного та наукового надбання

November 25-26, the first international scientific seminar on digitization of historical, cultural and scientific heritage, stored in archives, museums, libraries and private collections in Ukraine was held in the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI .

Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"

2013.12.12 Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"

Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"

Victory of Creativity and Initiative: “Battle of Faculties”

2013.11.27 Battle of Faculties

Every student of KPI claims that his/her faculty is the best. That’s why in November the students council of NTUU “KPI” organized the competition “Battle of Faculties” to encourage students to be creative and to denote the best faculty.

Skhidnytsya + Borislav = Polytechnic skansen

Ukraine, Skhidnytsya + Borislav = Polytechnic skansen

Ukrainian Baden-Baden is swirling with more than thirty drinking springs in the midland of the Carpathian Mountains near the Ukrainian Kuwait. However the village Skhidnytsya is known not just as one of the area of Borislav (that one that laughs).

Dedicated to the Independence Day of Poland. Ukrainian-Polish Center informs

Польща, прапор, герб

On the 11th of November, 1918 the World War I ended with signing the armistice by Germany in Compiegne forest near Paris. It was a breaking point in the history of Poland. After 123 years of separations it became independent again.

9th of November - the day of Ukrainian literature and language. Ukrainian language environment in KPI: at the beginning

Документи КПІ. 1923-1924-ті роки. Посвідки

For every man its language – is the best, the most moving and this is a common knowledge . Language is an invaluable treasure of the people, the most important chronicle of life.

Lesya Shydenko’s exhibition

Фото. Lesya Shydenko

An exhibition of paintings CMA Lesya Shydenko was opened on October 23 in the Art Gallery .The artist’s relatives and friends visited the grand opening.

Vasyl Krychevsky: between vanguard and tradition

Image. Vasyl Krychevsky: between vanguard and tradition

The National Art Museum of Ukraine started its autumn season extremely powerfully.

Autumn vernissage in the KPI

2013.11.07 Урочисте відкриття першої частини щорічного мистецького конкурсу "Таланти КПІ"

The grand opening of the first part of the annual art contest "Talents of KPI" was held on November 7, 2013 in exhibition hall of the building 7 of the National Technical University of Ukraine.

Canvases filled with love to life

Photo. Tamilla Grinuk

With the beginning of a new academic year in Kiev polytechnic began a new exhibition season in the Art Gallery of Centre of Culture and Arts of NTUU “KPI”. Thus the first personal exhibition of Tamilla Grinuk pictures was opened on 25, September.



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