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Department of Physical Chemistry (FH), XTF

We are welcome You on the Department of Physical Chemistry which has almost 100 year research & teaching experience! You can find here information about our history, research activity, as well as schedules of courses and scores of students.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics (TPE), FMM

The department of theoretical and applied economics (TAE) holds preparation to the special “Staff management and work economics”. Licensed volume set is: 80 people – full-time training, 50 – extramural studies.

Department of  Theoretical and Industrial  Heat  Engineering (TPT), TEF

In the first year of the KPI created Department of Applied Mechanics and mechanical technology in the mechanical department, providing basic training thermo mechanical engineers and engineers over twenty years, a clear division of mechanical technology for machining metals and Heating Technology in the 1920s and later (1930) the allocation of a separate wide-heat engineering specialty.

Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory (MATAN), FMF

The Higher Mathematics Department №1 was transformed into Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory Departmen due to the formation of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in 1996 and it was made the graduating department. Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory department has 48 highly qualified lecturers including 5 professors and 22 associate professors.

Department of Inorganic Substances, Water Purification and General Chemical Technology (TNR), XTF

Department of Inorganic Substances, Water Purification and General Chemical Technology (TNR), XTF supports creative connections to other TIS departments of Ukraine; - cooperates with universities of former USSR; - takes active part in international conferences, seminars, symposiums; - organized two scientific conferences on problems chemical technology of inorganic substances.

Department of Differential Equations (DR), FMF

The first Head of Department of Mathematics was a visiting professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences VP Ermakov (1845-1922), who previously served as professor of Kiev University. He taught mathematics in engineering and mechanical departments of the Institute.

Department of General and Solid State Physics (ZFFTT), FMF

Department of Physics Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was established as a part of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute together with its creation in 1898. Founder of the department was George de Metz.

Department of Computer Systems Software (PZKS), FPM

The Computer Systems Software Department (short name PZKS) of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics established in 2009. The Department prepares specialists in Software Engineering. The staff of the department is involved into scientific researches in the field of Software Engineering.
The Computer Systems Software Department is located in 14 and 15 buildings of the university.



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