Department of Theoretical Electric Engineering (TOE), FEA

Department of Theoretical Electric Engineering (TOE) - is one of the largest and oldest units of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", which provides basic and vocational-oriented electrical training. The department annually has about 8,000 students from 53 graduating department of the 17 faculties. It requires the department staff to relate responsible to the educational process, build skills and nurture conscientious attitude to training students. And because many talented university graduates of different specialties glorified his alma mater, in this success there is part of hard work of teachers of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering.

Department staff is proud of its scientific schools, glorious traditions and highly qualified teaching staff, which includes: associate member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, six D.Sc. in engineering and eighteen PhDs. Improve the significant achievements of the Department assist permanent methodical and scientific seminars.

The Department of TOE students studying electrical engineering and electronics from efficient, time-tested techniques using modern teaching materials, including teaching materials of distance learning system "Electric engineering", individual modules (distance courses) which are located in the Bank of web-resources Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. High-quality practical training of students is carried out in eight laboratories of Department. Each year the Department conducts among students of the University first stage of Student Olympiad on the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering and brings winners to participate in the final, the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad. Students’ enthusiasts under the guidance of leading teachers of the department deepen their knowledge and improve practical skills in electrical engineering student sections.