Department of Thermal and Alternative Energy (TAE), IATE

Department of Thermal and Alternative Energy (TAE), Educational and Research Institute of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Address: AB # 5, Politechnichna Street 6, room 207, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the department: Olga Yuriivna Chernousenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof.
Phone: 204-80-89, 204-80-96
E-mail: tes[at]

The department performs full-time and part-time education of specialists in the field of knowledge 14 – Electrical engineering , specialty 144 – HEAT ENERGY

bachelors and masters according to the educational program: Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Energy Units of Power Plants

masters according to the educational program: Energy Management and Engineering of Thermal Energy Systems

Doctors of Philosophy PhD according to the educational program: Heat Power Engineering.

The department prepares heat power engineers to work at power plants, industrial enterprises of various branches of the country's economy, municipal and communal enterprises and organizations, in assembly and commissioning organizations, repair enterprises, energy associations, divisions of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, design, research and educational institutes of Ukraine. The department uses a modern educational laboratory and bench base, innovative computerized teaching methods, computer laboratories with free access to the Internet, educational and scientific center "KPI – Bosch" with modern energy-efficient equipment (heat pumps, solar collectors, contact heat and biomass generators).

In the educational process of the department, highly qualified teachers pay considerable attention to the use of environmentally friendly and efficient energy-saving technologies for the production of electricity and thermal energy, computer, gas turbine and steam-gas installations, the study and implementation of world experience in the field of new modern energy technologies, issues of technical rearmament, reconstruction and modernization of energy facilities.

The department has international agreements and contacts for the training of specialists under the "Two Diploma" Programs with the Warsaw University of Technology and the Opole Polytechnic University (Poland); L.M. Gumiliov Eurasian National University, with the University of La Laguna (Spain), Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Hangzhou, China), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Seoul).

Students of the department have the opportunity to study and intern under the ERASMUS+ program in Germany, Poland, Spain, France, as well as participate in the second education program. Students from other countries, such as China, Ecuador, Venezuela and others, also study at the department. Graduates work in scientific research and design institutes of Ukraine, as well as in the countries of Europe, Asia, and America.

The main directions of scientific activity of the department:

  • theoretical and experimental studies of the processes of hydrogas dynamics, heat and mass transfer in two-phase closed thermosiphons;
  • development and creation of industrial heat transfer devices and devices based on them;
  • research of thermal technologies of water desalination and intensification of heat and mass exchange processes;
  • development of innovative ecologically clean technologies for burning gaseous fuels in gas turbine combustion chambers, boilers, furnaces, contact heat generators;
  • development of new energy systems of the "Aquarius" type, heat-generating devices of the contact type and devices on biofuel and hydrogen;
  • development, research, implementation of a system for supplying highly concentrated coal dust in power boilers;
  • development of new technologies and burners for highly efficient environmentally friendly burning of gaseous fuel with reduced emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides in boilers, furnaces, combustion chambers, high-temperature gas turbine installations, air heaters;
  • development of technology and burners for burning secondary energy resources of plant origin;
  • assessment of the individual resource of energy equipment and development of means of prolonging the service life.