Electronic Engineering Department (EI), Faculty of Electronics, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Address: Building 12, Polytechnichna Street 16, room 415, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: +38 044 204 8050,
Email: info[at]ee.kpi.ua

Department conduct training in the area of integral micro and nanoelectronics, design and development of computer aided medical diagnostic systems, simulation of mictroelectronic devices, design of telecommunication components and systems, signal acquisition and signal processing. Instructors of our department lecture fundamentals of electronics engineering to students of other departments and faculties. Many our instructors combine teaching with work in industry and research institutes. They involve students in work on contemporary projects.

Department conduct training on Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in «153 - Micro- and nanosystem engineering» with specializations Electronic and biomedical systems and technology, Information technologies in electronics and nanosystems.

Distinct advantage of studying at our department is thorough training in fundamental disciplines such as programming, numerical methods, computer aided design and simulation, analogue and digital circuits, microprocessor systems design, signal processing, including medical imaging and image recognition, combined with practical skills in use of modern software.

Our graduates are highly competitive and easily find their mission in any high-tech area, related with medical electronics and communications.