Faithful to life, faithful to death

About Ukrainian poetess Olena Teliga (Shovhenova), we know very little. For a long time her name was buried with the body in a mass grave, hidden under Soviet ideological restrictions and controls, unfair erased from people's memory.

Olena Teliga. Short life lasting the whole eternity

You can live your life in different ways. You can go long and silent, leaving unnoticeable traces on the sand of existence, which will be washed by time, but you can inflame shortly and lively, dazzling by shine everything around you.

Does the engineer need History at KPI?

In August last year, the newspaper “Kyiv Polytechnic” began printing materials under the heading “Protect the honor of KPI”. The newspaper paid attention to the state of teaching, taking into account the wishes of students and teachers.

Arctic Odyssey of politechnics

Older people still remember well the epic that was played out in the Arctic Ocean in the early 40-ies of XX century. Primarily the United States and the Soviet Union and also some other countries were involved in that epic. Heroic fame of papanintsy lives in folk memory.

M.P. Kravchuk’s unknown handwritten textbook

"Manuscripts do not burn ..." - and sometimes it is still true!.. Village Savarka on Bohuslavschyni. Shed, where the teacher Maria Ishchenko and spouses Chalyh lived in the twenties of the twentieth century...

At the foothold Bukrin

Participant liberation of Kyiv, a former lecturer of physics in KPI,  retired Major, Associate Candidate of Sciences Mikhail Velichko mentions battles on Bukrin foothold, in which he was.