The main symbol of Great Victory

The mention of the Great Patriotic War for every person causes his/her own associations. For someone it is destroyed cities and burned villages, for others − a constant hunger and deprivation or − the loss of loved ones. But there are associations that are common to all, regardless of age.

Silent citizens of a ghost town

Every year at the end of April many people from all over our planet especially from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia remember those terrible spring days of 1986 when the huge territories with the unique plant and animal life suddenly became bereft of life. And one of the first among them was Pripyat.

Brest-Litovsk highway

The traffic artery(from which the main academic building was photographed) has been known as Zhytomyr and Brest-Litovsk highway since the first half of XIX century.

Faithful to life, faithful to death

About Ukrainian poetess Olena Teliga (Shovhenova), we know very little. For a long time her name was buried with the body in a mass grave, hidden under Soviet ideological restrictions and controls, unfair erased from people's memory.

Olena Teliga. Short life lasting the whole eternity

You can live your life in different ways. You can go long and silent, leaving unnoticeable traces on the sand of existence, which will be washed by time, but you can inflame shortly and lively, dazzling by shine everything around you.