Historical studies of STL: education in Kyiv a century ago

The lecture “Education in Kyiv at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century” took place on February, 21, at the G.I. Denisenko National Technical Library. The cycle of lectures“Think about it” (historical studies) began for the 120th anniversary of the KPI. These are lectures on various topics in the history of the University: history, architecture, transport, well-known graduates, etc. Lecturers are invited experts in the history of Kyiv. Organizer – G.I. Denysenko ST.

The first of the lectors is Michael Kalnitskyi, a graduate of the KPI, a Kievist, a historian, a writer, a journalist. He spoke about the educational establishments of Kyiv in the second half of the nineteenth century: schools, gymnasia, colleges, courses, Institute of noble maidens, St. Volodymyr, KPI, Commercial Institute and others. The active and vibrant Kyiv educational activity shaped the future cultural and industrial potential of Ukraine. Students learned about the popular, authoritative and legendary educational institutions of the city and history related to their creation and activities. With interest they became acquainted with photocopies of contemporary documents and photographs. Once again I remembered the historical personalities that stood at the origins of the Kiev Polytechnic, created its glorious history, which the next generations continue to this day.

For the lecture, STL employees prepared an exhibition of rare editions with descriptions, photos and facts on the lives of students and the university: reports, statutes, student lists, rules, labs, training programs and many other interesting things.

The listeners and organizers sincerely thanked M.B. Kalynitskyi for the story, did not let him go for a long time, discussing various points of Kyiv antiquity with such a famous researcher of the history of Kyiv, hoping for new meetings.