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Resonance - friend and foe

Image. Легендарна полуторка із саньми-волокушами на льоду Ладозького озера

Resonance - this is a phenomenon of a sharp increase in the amplitude of forced oscillations of the system, which occurs when the frequency of the external force becomes close to certain values (resonance frequencies), due to the properties of the system.

Higher education at the turn of social development

Фото. Михайло Згуровський

Independent Ukraine inherited a distorted system of higher education from the USSR. On the one hand, this system was developed enough as a part of the natural fundamental, technical, medical, pedagogical, military training, and on the other hand being mounted in the centrally planned economy, it was extremely insensitive to the changes, highly specialized, had excessive ideologization of the educational process, narrowed principles of democracy. Since 1991, the state faced the task to regulate the activities of such system in the new socio-political conditions, balance it with the needs of transition economy and society.

Ratings, places, science, knowledge ...

Рейтинги, місця, наука, знання…

In October 2012 the regular rating of 400 universities in the world was published. This rating was made by the British magazine "Times Higher Education" and in which, unfortunately, Ukrainian universities are absent.

Akmeology and cybernetic akmeology in Ukraine and NTUU "KPI"

Leonardo da vinci, Profile of a man and study of two riders

Science Akmeology exists since 1928. It studies the laws and phenomena of a mature man development in the process of personal and professional growth. The basic principles of this science were laid by academician B.M. Bekhterev, and its name was suggested by prof. N.A.Ribnikov.

Professor Hiroshi Matsumoto delivered а lecturer at NTUU”KPI”

2012.10.16 Лекція професора Хіроші Мацумото

On October 16, 2012 the president of the University of Kyoto (Japan), Professor Hiroshi Matsumoto with the assistance of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Ukraine Y.E.Mr. Toichi Sakata delivered а lecturer at NTUU”KPI”. The subject of the lecture was «Two paradoxes in Science and Economic Growth. Are we Heading in the Right Direction?»

Review. Is it an objective quality evaluation or just a formality?

Рецензія – об'єктивна оцінка якості чи проста формальність?

One of the basic requirements of research paper is a presence of a positive review in it.

Is the mathematics still “Queen of sciences”?

Image. Якщо комп'ютер буде недоступним?

Recently known and quite popular saying of the great German philosopher of the XVIII century Immanuel Kant was : "Any natural science contains as much truth as it contains mathematics." And indeed, mathematics for centuries rightly takes the throne of the Queen of Sciences.

Modern chemistry - a powerful factor of scientific and technical progress

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 4, хімічний корпус КПІ/ Джерело: / Автор: BSveta

Throughout its existence, the chemistry has always helped and continues to help man in his practice.

Will we stop “copypaste”?

Image. Клавіатура

The word “copypaste” was borrowed by author from our students during consultations on preparations for the defense of coursework, essays, settlement papers.

Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues [Text]

Япония и Украина – разные судьбы, общие надежды. Диалоги [Обложка]

D. Ikeda, M. Zgurovsky Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues. - M.: Publishing House "Grad", 2011. - 304 p. ISBN 978-966-97160-1-9



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