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The talented youth has to lead the Ukraine towards a united Europe

December 12, Vice Rector for Research, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, three times winner of the State Prize in Science and Technology of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and NAS of Ukraine academician M.U.

New achievement chemists FCT- monomolecular hydrocarbon diode

мономолекулярний вуглеводневий діод

In recent years, modern personal computers, tablets and mobile phones become more powerful, while their processors are rapidly decreasing in size. Elements of computer processors - transistors - have a size of about 20 nm and consist of only a few hundred atoms.

International Forum on Sustainable Development

2014.10.30 Міжнародний форум з проблем сталого розвитку

October 30, the International Forum "The interaction of universities, government and business for the development of a sustainable society" started its work at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Patent trolls - who are they?

Патентні тролі – хто вони?

It is well known that the performance of the research, development, design and technology, dissertation, search operations are often accompanied by the development of new designs, technologies, recipes, new ideas, and that in the future may be implemented (commercialized) in certain products or s

Ukrainian population census data are now available to researchers from around the world

Колектив КПІ. О.Р.Чертов та Д.Ю.Тавров

In today's world with the development of information technology and global trends is becoming increasingly difficult to hide information, including statistical nature.

KPI nanosatellite in orbit

Кампус КПІ. 5 корпус. Наземна антена на даху корпусу

June 19, 2014 the first Ukrainian nanosatellite PolyITAN-1 was launched in Earth orbit. It was created by scientists, engineers and students FHPE, FRE, FE, ESITS under the guidance of Head of  laboratory of nanosatellite  technology  FHPE, Senior Reshercher, Ph.D.

They created a nano-satellite

Б.М. Рассамакін біля пускового контейнеру із супутником PolyITAN-1

The students of our university worked on the development and the creation of nano-satellite PolyITAN-1. They are in particular: Dmitry Turin, Anton Snurnitsin,  Alexander Chaplygin, Eugene Kovalenko, Anna Sergeeva, Nazariy Bendasyuk.

Science in universities. Strictly implement the adopted laws.

2014.07.02 Виступ академіка НАН України М.Ю.Ільченка на  Парламентських слуханнях

Speech NAS of Ukraine academician M.Yu.Ilchenko at the Parliamentary hearings on the topic "On the state and legislative support for the development of science and technology of the state," July 2, 2014

Dear participants of the parliamentary hearings!

Development of highly intelligent information technology - demand of the time

Intensive study of a wide class of objects and processes (both deterministic and random) of different nature require developing appropriate mathematical tools for adequate modeling of these phenomena and further systematic mathematical analysis of the functions of state and derived characteristic

Science Must Become Popular Again

Кампус КПІ. 6 корпус. У виставковому залі Наукового парку "Київська політехніка"

Considerable scientific potential of Ukraine is focused in higher education system (70 % of doctors and candidates of sciences ). Preparation of 81% and 85% of doctoral graduate students is carried out with higher education.



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