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Technique of three-phase current: 120 years of first triumph

Image. Трансформатор трифазного струму М. Доливо-Добровольського

It seems, that pragmatic Europeans actually always have been romantic. Even in the XIX century, which is sometimes called "the age of steam and electricity", they tried in every way to decorate their life.

Echo of Chernobyl. The anniversary of the Chernobyl accident

Україна. Чорнобиль - 1986.05. В.П.Басов, О.П.Шутько, А.Д.Крисенко

In the mid-80s on the FCT it was functioned radiochemistry laboratory headed by prof. Yu.Ya.Fialkov with modern equipment and a cohort of young scientists, who have had experience with open sources of ionizing radiation "hot" radionuclides. In the laboratory, a theoretical study of non-aqueous and aqueous solutions, as well as practical developments were carried out, for example, methods of industrial wastewater of various contaminants including radioactivity.

Research universities as centers of the country innovative development

КПІ - 2011. Дослідницькі університети як центри інноваційного розвитку країни

The debate about the innovative development of the national economy is conducted in Ukraine for more than ten years.

Computerization of society and the problem of "clip thinking"

Інформатизація суспільства та проблема «кліпового мислення»

In recent years, the public, which is still able to think, has sounded the alarm, noting the phenomenon of so-called "clip thinking" and its consequences for the individual now and for society as a whole in the near future.

How teachers can be effective researchers

Як викладачам ефективно займатися наукою

The new academic year in NTUU "KPI" begins on a positive note. The authoritative weekly "Mirror of the Week" in its issue number 24 of June 19 this year and the magazine "Campus" released the last ranking of the universities in Ukraine.

Advices of the old teacher: no one knows everything and does not have to strive towards this

1903. Майстерня (Альбом перших випускників хімічного відділення КПІ)

The second semester crossed its equator, and soon the students of our and other faculties and institutes will finish the regular academic year. Among them there are those who, regardless of specialty match one common characteristic that unites them - they are graduates.

Physics in the XXI century

Фізика у ХХІ столітті

Changes in the evolution of mankind, are impressive. Just in front of one or two generations, technical and even household landscape of our life has changed dramatically, and these changes are fully based on discoveries in science.

VL Kirpichev. The value of fantasy for engineers

1898. Квартира першого директора КПІ

100 years ago in the journal "Proceedings" Kiev Polytechnic Institute Emperor Alexander II "(1903, Book III, p.

Ongoing nature: the popular engineering work

1903. Сторінки альбому перших випускників хімічного відділення

To take a pen to paper, as says, prompted me just made public  (for example, the newspaper “Today” dated 18.08.09) statistic on the quantity of applications and contests in different departments and specializations, which can be, in particular, to study in our own University with the word “te

How to improve the efficiency of invention and innovation [April 26 - World Intellectual Property Day]

Літак Кудашев-1 на території КПІ на тлі ангару, 1910 р.

In his article "Science and Innovation - the basis of the modernization of the state's economy," Vice President for Research the corresponding member of NASU M.Yu.Ilchenko offers the following criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of inventive and innovative activities in the university: the



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