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I.P. Bardin about Engineers

Ivan Pavlovich Bardin (1883-1960) - academician and vice president of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of seven Orders of Lenin, twice winner of the State Prize, the Lenin Prize, a man who has spearheaded the design of powerful metallurgical enterprises, as wel

Is the physics important for the engineer?

These thoughts are inspired by the new academic year, which is for all of us - those who are working and studying at the famous KPI - the anniversary. In this year we are meeting with the first generation of students born and raised in the independent Ukraine and came into our home university and dream of becoming a truly modern engineers.

Thermomolecular energy

This transformation takes place in the working bodies that absorb the energy of one kind and give it out  in another form.

Bioenergy - the choice of the future

Today, it seems everybody understands the importance of preserving the environment, but at the beginning of the third millennium the relationship between man and nature are partly viewed as a confrontation between two hostile worlds - "the natural world" and "the world of man."