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KPI Talents

Studying and being inspired

Катерина Бондаренко

The freshman of the engineering and chemical faculty Katerina Bondarenko became the winner of the KPI talent competition in the Painting nomination. Her landscapes, presented at the exhibition, attracted attention to some sort of mystery and hidden content as an unfinished sentence.

Drawings of Alexander Belukha

О.Бєлуха біля своєї роботи Comfortable love

The third year student of FAKS Alexander Belukha is the extraordinary person who is endowed with creative abilities. He’s been keen on drawing since childhood, but  he "didn’t attend any schools of art" (according to his own words).

Talents of KPI received awards

2016.12.15 Таланти КПІ отримали нагороди

December 15 was closing ceremony of the competition/exhibition " KPI Talents" where all participants were appreciated and winners were awarded with diploma. The competition took place from 7 November to 15 December. 84 people took part in the competition.

Paper workpiece by Julia Mamchich

Юлія Мамчич

Art contest "Talents of KPI" attracts visitors with original works performed in different techniques and genres. For example, you can not indifferently pass by the bright compositions, made in the technique "quilling".

Pleased by creativity


Third year student of the PPI  Lyudmila Shesterikova could be called as a veteran of art contest "Talents of KPI". She gives to visitors the joy of communicating with something beautiful by her works for 15 years.

"KPI talents" revealed

2016.11.10-12.10 Виставка "Таланти КПІ" в 7 корпусі

In November, 10, in exhibition hall of building № 7 there was an official opening of the I part of annual art competition “KPI talents” where students, teaching staff and fellow workers of our university presented their pieces of work in nominations “pictorial art”, “graphic art”, “decorative and

The KPI Talents – 2016

2016.04.28 Переможці конкурсу

On 28th of April at the exposition hall of the campus building №7 was the closing of the 2nd part of creative competition “The KPI Talents” where the photography and computer-generated images were presented (nearly 350 artworks made by 55 participants).

Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk embroidered the patterns of her life

Ганна Миколаївна Кулик

This is exactly about Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk, associate professor of FMF. Her little Motherland is Ivano-Frankivsk region – the land of original folk artists and embroiderers. The first 5-year old Hannusya’s embroidery was the simple little rose on a piece of old bedsheet.

Watercolours from the exhibition

Тетяна Віталіївна Гнітецька

In the Art Competition "The Talents of KPI" the assistant professor of descriptive geometry and computer graphics T.V.Hnitetska’s paintings were considered the best. Tetiana has been showing her works in KPI for several years.

The graphics that comes alive

Юля та Аня Майовецькі

Autumn exhibition "The Talents of KPI" pleased everyone with the variety of themes and genres. In particular, the attention of visitors was drawn by the pictures, made by the 6th year students of CEF Yuliia Makovetska and Anna Makovetska.



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