Helps to organize thoughts and calm down

   The third-year engineering physics faculty Stasiuk is a future engineer, a specialist of composite and powder materials. Training takes a lot of time and effort, because to master items up to date and a popular young specialist in the field of metallurgy and materials science, Oh how difficult.

   Along with numerous youth interests and preferences a student has a penchant for folk art. "This year I participated in the contest "Talents of KPI", – Tatyana tells, – even is not expected that the loan the prize in the nomination "Decorative and applied arts". It was quite unexpected and very nice."

   Several years ago she became interested in beading because of the small beads you can create incredible jewelry, toys, décor items, etc. However, as in any business, it is necessary to have a strong desire and patience. "At first I encountered some difficulties with the manufacture of those or other works of beads, – says the student. – I studied myself, and there was someone I could have something to advise or suggest, had to refer to books and the Internet." Over time, there are first results. At first it was simple flowers, then bracelets and simple necklaces, and now, larati (long, narrow bundles for 6-9 beads in the circle and tassels on the ends), necklace and Germany. It is the latter which he likes more, because, according to masters, to give many opportunities for color fantasies.

   Erdan – neck bead decoration in the form of a narrow strip of colored beads, strung on a thread basis, forming geometric or floral ornament. Germany usually performed in the form of a loop of solid or openwork stripes of varying width that is worn over the head.

   "I won't deny it – she thinks, – this hobby takes a lot of time and effort. The manufacture of one decoration may take up to two weeks. But the weave often helps me to escape from the routine, to organize their thoughts and sometimes to calm down". So if you have some free time and a desire to discover something new, Tatiana advises to try to realize themselves in this art form. And Handicrafts are always in fashion.