The “Talents of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 2018” has started!

On the 15th of November in the exhibition hall of building 7 the ceremonial opening of the first part of annual art competition “The talents of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” was carried out. There were fifty participants; among them there were students, university staff, graduates, who presented about 300 artworks, mostly paintings, as well as works in the fields of graphics, arts and crafts, embroidery.

Vice-rector on educational work, Petro Kyrychok with head of art gallery Victoria Tiotkina and artist Andriy Kylagin made a speech on the exhibition opening. A big amount of material was presented by the usual participants, the art workshop’s “Harmony” students, supervised by Andriy Kylagin. Also the whole series of works were exhibited by the professors of Chair of Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics. Yulia Tsyhanenko, who has already taken part in this competition, introduced her pupils' works as well as her own this time.

 The exhibition will continue till December, 14. And of course, we will inform our readers on the newspapers pages about the competition results.

Inf. by the Art gallery