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KPI Talents

Talents are awarded KPI 2015

2015.12.10 Нагороджуються таланти КПІ 2015

From 12 November to 10 December 2015 at the university held an annual art exhibition-competition "Talents KPI". It was part of students, teachers, scientists, comp-beatniks "KPI" - a total of 94 individuals who presented a total of 350 works.

Master of screw-thread

В.Пушкін біля своєї скульптури Сесія

Artworks of V. Pushkin always differ from its originality and singularity of design. It arose the interest of visitors and heated discussions. Some of them adorn the private offices, the majority located in the 22nd campus building, where Vladimir Pavlovich worked as head of the laboratory.

Dreams keeper

Денис Луданов

  They said that during the sleep our soul travels from one world to another and gives us massages from space. Other thinks that dreams are reflection of everyday life. Each of us, fell asleep, dream about bright and interesting dreams.

New Year's attributes

Таланти КПІ 2015/2. Біднюк Ганна | Зима (папір, пастель)

Christmas and New Year – are  special holidays, with deep traditions and their roots far in the past. That tradition is carried through generations. During Christmas and New Year I want to feel the warmth and comfort of home, gather in the family.

Inviting of the "KPI talents"

2015.11.15 урочисте відкриття  першої частини щорічного мистецького конкурсу Таланти КПІ

On 12 November 2015 occurred opening ceremony of the first part of the annual art contest "KPI talents " where 94 participants presented more than 350 works in the genre of "painting", "Graphics", "Arts and Crafts" and "Embroidery" in the exhibition hall of the building № 7.

Talents of KPI 2015: the best photographers and designers

2015.04.23 Переможці - призери фотоконкурсу Таланти КПІ

The competition "Talents of KPI" was completed. It has brought together 48 participants – students, faculty and staff. They presented about 300 photographs and computer graphic works.

Talents KPI received awards

2014.12.10 Закриття виставки

From 3 November to 10, annual art competition and exhibition "Talents KPI" was held in the university. 68 contestants took part in it: students, teachers, researchers, staff NTUU "KPI" presented a total of 350 authors' works. The works were exhibited in the exhibition hall of building №7.

"Talents KPI 2014" invite

2014.11.05  урочисте відкриття І частини щорічного мистецького конкурсу "Таланти КПІ"

November 5, 2014, the solemn opening of the annual art contest "Talents KPI" was held in the exhibition hall of the building 7. 68 participants submitted to the contest 350 works in the genres of "Painting", "Graphics", "Arts and Crafts" and "Embroidery".

Opening the exhibition dedicated to the 200th nniversary of Taras Shevchenko

2014.03.27 Друга частина мистецького конкурсу «Таланти КПI»

March 27 in building  № 7 of NTUU "KPI" the exhibition of the second part of the art contest "Talents of KPI" was opened.

Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"

2013.12.12 Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"

Congratulations to the winners of the photocontest "KPI Talents"



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