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Bezugla N.V. To achieve perfection - learn from the best

N.V. Bezugla

Under this motto today's young researchers NTUU "KPI" get their names in the domestic and international scientific environment. Among them there is the assistant of the department of production devices FIDE Natalia V. Bezuglaya.

Szczerba Maxim A.: scientists KPI resist fire

Фото. Щерба Максим Анатолійович

In Ukraine, more than 60% of fires that cause great human and material losses are associated with low fire safety of electrical products. The fire and combustion products quickly spread by the cables if they are not fire -resistant. These combustion products are harmful to human life.

Marinoshenko Olexander P.: Design safer - fly safer

Фото. Мариношенко Олександр Петрович

People quickly get used to the benefits of civilization. Transatlantic flight and supersonic speeds today are nothing new. A studying, improving and creation of new aircraft designs, in particular, is carried out on the FASS. Associate Professor Olexander P.

Victor Grigorovich Bazhenov. Creates new and implement it

Фото. Баженов Віктор Григорович

Variety of scientific topics and areas of the scientific research in NTUU "KPI" is striking: from nanoparticles to giant airplanes, from the dungeon into space. A special place is occupied by the work performed on the FIDE.

Naida Sergey Anatolievich. Electroacoustic devices – for human health

Фото. Найда Сергій Анатолійович

The nature created the human being as a perfect one, but in the same time very sensitive to all sorts of diseases, which shorten its age. At the same time scientists can improve the quality of the life, make it more comfortable.

Anatoly T. Orlov. Scientific staff become stronger

Фото. Орлов Анатолій Тимофійович

If you look through the filing of "Kyiv Polytechnic" in recent years or in google archive, the surname of associate professor of microelectronics, Ph.D. Anatoly T. Orlov can be met quite often.

Shpilka Oleksander Oleksandrovich. А journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Фото. Шпилька Олександр Олександрович

Among the winners of the university competition "Young teacher and researcher in 2013," it was named Olexander Shpilka - young scientist from FRE. According to him, in his work, he is committed to finding and implementing new ideas that bring both benefit and moral satisfaction.

Zhuchenko Olexey Anatolievich. Be useful for people

Фото. Жученко Олексій Анатолійович

Among the winners of the university contest "Young teacher-researcher 2013" there is the assistant of  the automation of chemical industries department FCE Olexey Anatolievich Zhuchenko.

Pulinets Igor Valer'evich. Teacher-researcher of the FCE

Фото. Пулінець Ігор Валерійович

Igor V. Pulinets - a graduate of the department of theoretical and industrial heat engineering NTUU"KPI" in 2009.

Zhukova Veronika. Water - clean, people - healthy

Жукова Вероніка | Veronika Zhukova

People vital activity has a negative impact on the environment, degrades the ecology and consumes non-renewable resources of the Earth.  34-46% of the wastewater goes directly to the natural water bodies of Ukraine. Their quality does not meet the maximum permissible norms.



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