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The future is associated with KPI

Маркіна Ольга Миколаївна

Olga Mykolaivna Markina has been already working at the Department of Analytical and Environmental devices and systems for ten years. Last year she won the competition "young teacher-researcher 2015". She is the pupil of the Kiev Polytechnic.

Elena Borychenko - specialist in energy management

Бориченко Олена Володимирівна

The whole world admires the smile of Mona Lisa. Perhaps because they have not seen smile women at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. With no doubt, our mans are lucky  to have a close clever, talented and surprisingly good colleagues.

Julia S. Miroshnichenko. A student who receives a scholarship, volunteer, teacher-researcher

Мірошниченко Юлія Сергіївна

The best part of our university team are talented, intelligent and strikingly beautiful woman. And unfortunately we talk about them only on occasion.

Trus Inna Mykolaivna preserves environment

Трус Інна Миколаївна

Using the benefits of civilization as ususal, we rarely think of saving the Earth resources. For this reason, the research in the field of environmental protection, performed at the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant polymers (E and TPP) of the IHF is of great importance and demand.

Shtogrina Olena Sergiyvna. Decisions about artificial intelligence

Штогріна Олена Сергіївна

Scientific interests of the assistant to chair of the ITS information and telecommunication networks Olena Sergiyvna Shtogrin, the winner of the university competition "Young Teacher-researcher 2014" are that. Olena Sergiyvna - the pupil of the Kiev polyequipment. In 2007.

Antoniuk Viktor Stepanovych. Veteran PBF

Академік Б.Є.Патон (ліворуч) вручає нагороду В.С. Антонюку

A university competition "teacher-researcher" was launched a decade ago and named galaxy of scientists who have acquired knowledge and skills in Soviet times, when engineering talent aroused respect and KPI graduates successfully work across the vast country.

Kyselova Anna - a specialist in intelligent control systems

Кисельова Анна Геннадіївна

 Associate professor of department of the system planning ESC "IAAS" c.e.s. Anna G. Kyselova is a specialist-innovator.

Makogon Yuriy Nikolaevich preparing today's professionals-physics

Фото. Макогон Юрій Миколайович

Kyiv Polytechnic is a unique environment, where under the tutelage of internationally-recognized scientists, the founders of scientific schools grow young faculty.

Lukyanchikov Yevgen Dmitrovich : Lawyer. Theoretician and practitioner

Фото. Лук'янчиков Євген Дмитрович

Among the winners of the University contest "Teacher-researcher 2014" there is doctor of legal Sciences, Professor of the FSL Yevgen Dmitrovich Lukyanchikova. This is the rare case in KPI, when the recognition got the representative of the Humanities faculty.

Shulgina Ludmila Mikhailovna: the calling - to teach and learn

Shulgina Ludmila Mikhailovna

"Whatever you say, but the heredity has the effect. The people will deal with what the soul wants, despite the wish of the parents" - with a smile says Professor FMM Ludmila Shulgina. The story of her life is the proof of these words.



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