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Strutynsky Sergei Vasilievich. Young scientist IME

Фото. Струтинський Сергій Васильович

Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied fluid mechanics and mechatronics IME, doctoral candidate NTUU "KPI" Ph.D. Sergey Strucihski won the contest "Young teacher-researcher - 2013". This marked his teaching and research.

Rina Novohrudska - researcher at ESITS

Фото. Новогрудська Ріна Леонідівна

Assistant of the Department of Information Telecommunication Networks Rina L. Novogrudskaya is a promising engineer of intelligent analysis of information and models and methods of knowledge representation on specialized Internet portals.

Pankratova Natalia Dmytrievna. A man of honor

Photo. Pankratova Natalia Dmytrievna

Kiev Polytechnic Institute for good reason is consider to be the best Ukrainian institution.  After all gathered here, without exaggeration, technical, and as recent events have shown, the spiritual elite of the country - the future and the present one.

Associate Professor Alla Rashydivna Dunska. A specialist in enterprise development

Photo. Alla Rashydivna Dunska

In 2013 in the University competition "teacher-researcher" there were three representatives from  the Department of Management FMM. Among them there was a PhD, Associate Professor Alla Rashydivna Dunska.

Matviichuk Anna. To treat effectively

Фото. Матвийчук Анна Олеговна | Matviichuk Anna

Magical, fabulous, beautiful, fragile, friendly, always smiling and extremely talented - it's all about Anna Matviichuk, winner of the NTUU"KPI" competition in the nomination "The young teacher-researcher - 2013".

Experience of senior to youth

Бояринова Катерина Олександрівна

In youth, time flows by. It seems only recently Katya Boyarinova mastered the specialty "Management of foreign economic activity" at FMM and received a master's degree, but now already has ten years experience of scientific and pedagogical work at the Department of Management.

In the scientists’ laboratories. Minitsky Anatoly Vyacheslavovich is the modern technologies specialist

Photo. Minitsky Anatoly Vyacheslavovich

Young scientists of the Kiev National Polytechnic University surely declare themselves: they investigate unknown and use experiments results in practice. The best developments gain the recognition, their authors mention awards and grants.

Titov Andrey. Promotes Longevity Products

Фото. Titov Andrey

Young scientist Andrey Titov, the student of MMI linked his fate with the Kiev Polytechnic in 1999, when he became a first year student.

Y.V.Kuzminskyy: "I have had good teachers"

Photo. Kuzminskyy Ye.

On October 25 last year, our newspaper published an article entitled "Department ecobiotechnology and bioenergy : inseparability of teaching and research ." The paper discussed the dynamic progress of a group of the youngest departments of our university as the time of existence ( founded in

Kondratuk Vadim Anatolievich. The real KPI-shnik

Кондратюк Вадим Анатольевич

Heat Power Energy Faculty of NTUU "KPI" is known in Ukraine and abroad. Here there are prepared specialists for modern branches of science. The variety of such specialists is very diverse, especially at FHPE. Experienced teachers provide high level of training.



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