Lesyk Dmytro Anatoliyovych: today technologies - products of the future

At the request of the application of laser search engine helpfully publishes dozens of areas ranging from medicine, chemistry and physics and ending with military locations. In particular, the use of optical generator  for "better manufacturing of parts." Only experts know how much can the beam make for engineering surface. Among them there is Ph.D., Assistant of the Department of laser technology, physical and engineering technologies MMI Lesyk Dmytro Anatoliyovych – the winner of the University contest "young teacher-researcher in 2016". He is the former student of Kyiv Polytechnic.

He received higher education in the specialty "Special Technology for Materials Processing" in 2011 and entered doctoral school of KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky. The thesis was devoted to the development of combined surface thermal deformational strengthen and decoration of metal products using laser beam ultrasonic instrument. V.V.Dzhemelinskyy was the scientific coordinator of master paper and thesis. At the same time future scientists acquired practical skill: while working at the department and at the factory during summer holidays.

In 2013-14 Dmytro Anatoliyovych trained at the Faculty of Engineering at the University in Bilbao (Spain), where he conducted research on the topic of the thesis. He acquired practical skills during his research on modern equipment and measuring instruments in the research group (University of the Basque Country) and the department of physical foundations of engineering surfaces (Institute of Metal Physics n. a.  G.V. Kurdyumov NAS of Ukraine). After graduation from doctoral school he successfully defended his thesis on 13 June, 2016. Then he worked as a junior research assistant at the Department LTFT, and participated in the research paper "Management of surface topography parameters of laser irradiation software products." Today he conducts laboratory and practical classes on disciplines "Fundamentals of professional activity", "Technology of construction materials" and "Machine parts".

D.A.Lesyk conducts research concerning development of combined thermal deformational processes of strengthen (alloying, welding) and decoration of metal surfaces on the basis of heat treatment of materials by  highly energy sources combined with static or dynamic methods of surface plastic deformation. In particular the study of the effect of the laser beam and ultrasonic vibrations on the of microsurface, physical, mechanical and performance properties of the surface layers. The researcher published  33 scientific papers, including 11 scientific articles in professional journals (including 8 articles in journals  in international scientometric databases), 15 abstracts in the international scientific conferences, obtained 7 patents of Ukraine for utility model.

D.A.Lesyk took part in the Festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge-2012", where he acquired skills of development (organization) of business innovation and was awarded a finalist diploma. In his spare time he improves his English and Spanish, plays sports, travels. In the  football team of MMI he became a winner among university teachers of KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky in 2012 and 2016

The scientist is full of creative ideas and dreams. He has everything to achieve success: good knowledge, interesting work and staff associates.

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