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Issue № 21 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

Computer simulation in chemistry, technologies and systems of sustainable development - CSCT-2016

2016.05.18-20 CSCT-2016

On May 18-20, 2016, the V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Computer Simulation in Chemistry, Technologies and Systems of Sustainable Development - CSCT-2016" took place on the basis of the Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes of XTF.

At a meeting of the Academic Senate: 06.06.2016

2016.06.06 засідання Вченої ради НТУУ "КПІ"

The main issue on the agenda was preparation for the new academic year, the first rector Y.I.Yakymenko and corepporter M.Y.Ilchenko reported.

Recipient of the President's Scholarship from IME

Сергій Салій

Among the best students of the university, who were awarded scholarships of President of Ukraine this semester, there was a master Sergiy Saliy.

They won’t be worse than the neighbors

Антон Яхно

Anton Yakhno, the third year student of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , is distinguished among his peers by knowledge, outstanding achievements in studies and fitness level. He always was intent on purpose to be at the head of agemates and drove to it.

Ukrainian TFEE Olympiad 2016

2016.05.19 Учасники та призери олімпіади

The second round of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on theoretical foundations of electrical engineering was held at the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation on 19May, 2016 in NTUU "KPI".

Weapons stabilizer for armored equipment: in competition for State Prize of Ukraine

Стабілізатор озброєння для броньованої техніки

In terms of undeclared war on the teritory of eastern Ukraine it is extremely important  to enhance the defense capacity of the state.

Ivan Sergiyoviych Ryabenko is turning 80!

Іван Сергійович Рябенко

In early June, Ph.D. Ivan S. Ryabenko, Associate Professor of electromechanical equipment energy-intensive industries IEE, celebrated his respectable anniversary.

Andrey Yelyseiovych Babenko turned 80!

Андрій Єлисейович Бабенко

Andrey Yelyseiovych Babenko, Doctor of Engineering, professor, acting Head of the Department of dynamics and durability of machines and resistance materials of MMI, turned 80 years on 2 June.

Remembering Wojciech Svyentoslavskyy

Свєнтославський Войцех Алоїзій

I remember in the summer of 2010 we talked with the rector of the Kiev Politechnics Michael Zgurovsky to perpetuate the memory of the great polish scientist and public activist  - the KPI graduate  - Wojciech Svyentoslavskyy on the territory of "KPI".

Mural on the front of CCA

Мурал на фасаді ЦКМ

In the "KPI" university  a new Mural appeared. Renowned Canadian artist Lee Aaron Hill, who is currently living in New York, known as a capital of street art, decorated the building of the KPI Centre of Culture and Arts with huge mural.

The chapel of KPI bandura players visited The Warsaw University of Technology

2016.05.31 Виступ Капели бандуристів КПІ у Варшавській політехніці

On the last day of May, 2016 in the small auditorium of the Warsaw University of Technology bandura players from ‘KPI’ played to remind people the nostalgia of Ukrainian prairies.

Rector's Cup soccer among employees 2016

2016.05.24 фінал Кубка ректора НТУУ  "КПІ" з футболу серед співробітників

May 24th was the final of the Cup of Rector "KPI" among employees, in which took part the teams of faculties / institutes and departments "KPI". This tournament is held the second consecutive year and has already become traditional.

Visit of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of French Republic in Ukraine

2016.06.09 Візит Надзвичайного і Повноважного Посла Французької Республіки  в Україні

In June, 9, Ambassador Extraordinary and Preliminary of French Republic in Ukraine, Isabelle Dumont visited NTUU "KPI".

British Council project in Ukraine: "English language for universities": the course of implementation"

2016.06.2-3 робота делегації координаторів проекту Британської Ради в Україні «Англійська мова для університетів»

In June, 2, 3 in NTUU "KPI" there was a coordinators delegation of British Council project in Ukraine "English for universities" with participation of advisor Rod Bolitho and project manager Zhanna Sevastianova.

Meeting with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. representatives

2016.06.02 Зустріч з представниками Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

A delegation of representatives of the Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd company (PRC) visited NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" on 2nd June.

Memorandum of Understanding between IEE of NTUU “KPI” and Department of Maritime Business and Logistics of University of Bremen

2016.05.31 Меморандум про взаєморозуміння між ІЕЕ НТУУ «КПІ» та кафедрою морського бізнесу і логістики Бременського університету

Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of NTUU “KPI” and Department of maritime business and logistics of University of Bremen (German Federal Republic) signed Memorandum of Understanding.

ХХІ International scientific and technical conference “Aerohydromechanics in engineering practice”

2016.05.25-27 ХХІ Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція «Гідроаеромеханіка в інженерній практиці»

ХХІ International scientific and technical conference “Aerohydromechanics in engineering practice” devoted to the jubilee of the chair of applied hydromechanics and mechatronics of Mechanical and Engineering institute of NTUU “KPI” started its work on 25th of May in NTUU “KPI”.

Good performance of KPI students in the final stage of Ukraine-wide Olympiad of Mathematics

2016.05.20 Успішний виступ студентів НТУУ «КПІ» у фіналі Всеукраїнської олімпіади з математики

NTUU “KPI” team put in a strong performance in the final stage of Ukraine-wide Olympiad of Mathematics among students of technical higher educational establishments that took place from 17th to 20th of May, 2016 in terms of Sumskyi national university.


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