Mural on the front of CCA

In the "KPI" university  a new Mural appeared. Renowned Canadian artist Lee Aaron Hill, who is currently living in New York, known as a capital of street art, decorated the building of the KPI Centre of Culture and Arts with huge mural.

"The mural depicts protons moving toward each other at high speed, and during the collision energy is released. The walls of leading Ukrainian technical university were the most appropriate for application of this idea" - said Aaron Lee Hill on the one of the capital TV-channels.

He was working on the street-art masterpiece during two weeks. This work is dedicated to one of the greatest scientific discovery of recent years which is the Higgs boson.

Аарон Лі-Хілл розпочинає роботуIn the painting, according to the artist, he combines photography of early nineteenth century, people in motion and image of Large Hadron Collider. "Mural in Kiev is probably one of the most difficult and the most incredible works over which I had the honor to work" - said Aaron Lee Hill.

Aaron Lee Hill works in a unique genre - in his works organically combined graphical design, graffiti, painting, stencil and elements of sculpture. His paintings are volume and one is falling under the impression that they are alive. Creations of the artist adorn the walls and facades in Australia, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, China and other countries.

The Lee Hill’s mural is a part of the international festival of modern art in public space Mural Social Club, organized by the Charitable  Sky Art Foundation. Curators of the project are Oleg Sosnov and Julia Ostrovska. The Mural project was brought to life owing to the support of companies EVO (, so that there were no financial expenses to the "KPI".