Recipient of the President's Scholarship from IME

Among the best students of the university, who were awarded scholarships of President of Ukraine this semester, there was a master Sergiy Saliy. He studies in Processing Metal by Special Technology specialty, received a bachelor's degree with honors, his average mark during the studying is 5.0.

Sergiy is inquisitive researcher, who aspires to put acquired knowledge into practice. He took an active part in establishing machines with numerical control on Laser Technology and Physical and Technical Technologies Departments He also reveals a desirable interest in the modern digital and computer electronics, programming, new high-tech processing methods. From the third year of study he is engaged into scientific research and thanks to guidelines of the department he has a patent for utility model entitled "Method of finishing processing of details" and two patents on the devices entitled "Device for laser hole punching" and “Installation for ultrasonic finishing-strengthening treatment". During 2013-2015 he participated in three international and six Ukraine scientific conferences, published 19 theses and one article in a professional journal. In IME processing programming on machines with numerical control he became a winner (2014).

The young man with respect and gratitude speaks about his mentor V.Dzhemelinskiy, Professor of Laser Technology and Physical and Technical Technologies, director of the "KPI" Engineering Center of finishing technology. Under his supervision Sergiy was engaged into the research in the laboratory of environmentally friendly energy-saving processes of combined finishing processing with use of pulse energy.

From the first year of study Sergiy is actively involved in sports. He is the winner of the KPI weightlifting competition and III sports competition among university students of Kyiv. He has diplomas for II and III place in light weight.

Sergiy colleagues and mentors know him as a purposeful, responsible student. As the group monitor he is respected and has a well-deserved reputation among fellow students and teachers.

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