Andrey Yelyseiovych Babenko turned 80!

Andrey Yelyseiovych Babenko, Doctor of Engineering, professor, acting Head of the Department of dynamics and durability of machines and resistance materials of MMI, turned 80 years on 2 June.

A.Y. Babenko was born on 2 June, in 1936 in the village Hmilove in Kirovohrad. In 1964 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1964-1966 he worked as an assistant of faculty of materials resistance, he had been studying in graduate school in KPI in 1966-1969's. In 1972 defended his thesis in "Strength of Materials" at Specialized Academic Council of the Institute of Materials Sciences of the USSR. In 1972-1975, he was Senior Lecturer, in 1976 – became a professor. In 1996 he defended his doctoral thesis in "Dynamics and strength of machines" at Specialized Academic Council of "KPI". Since 1998 – he became a professor of dynamics and durability of machines and resistance of materials.

A.Y. Babenko is known in Ukraine and CIS scientists in the field of dynamics and strength machines. He carried out studies of low-cycle fatigue, in the field of numerical methods in determining the stress-strain state under static and vibration loads. Under his leadership and with his participation was developed a method of determining the stress-strain state and dynamic characteristics of the elements of engineering structures, aircraft, space and deep vehicles. He developed a unique methodological approach in the study of forced oscillations of elements of engineering structures and tools under intense vibration loads and in a selection of its optimal design parameters.

A.Y. Babenko published over 150 scientific papers, including "application and development of the method of coordinate descent in the problem of determining the stress-strain state under static loads and vibration" (in 2005, co-authored), "Disk tool with uneven teeth step" (in 2008, co-authored). He also prepared for printing the first Ukrainian textbook "Theory of elasticity" for students of mechanical specialties and "Problems in Strength of Materials" (in 2008, co-authored). It was produced nine candidates and one Doctor of Engineering under his leadership.

Andrew Yelyseiovych received the title of "Excellence in Education of Ukraine" in 1998. He was awarded for the conscientious work by a Diploma of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2003. He was awarded for the title "Honored Worker of Education" in 2006.

A.Y. Babenko is actively involved in community life of department and institution having well-deserved authority and respect among colleagues and students.

The team of MMI congratulates the distinguished Andrew Yelyseiovych and wishes him health, longevity and prosperity!