They won’t be worse than the neighbors

Anton Yakhno, the third year student of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , is distinguished among his peers by knowledge, outstanding achievements in studies and fitness level. He always was intent on purpose to be at the head of agemates and drove to it.

But using which methods can the boy earn a great reputation among his kith? Most certainly, sportsmanship. Since childhood Anton professionally engaged in sports. Artistic gymnastics first, next were sporting  karate and traditional aikido, where he went places and even worked as a coach, until a free time he had. Training pushed him to be ambitious, obstinate, to execute a purpose and stagger along.

And how can the lad stand out from the crowd? Muscles and efficiency are not enough anymore. Knowledge and professional skills are needed. Having chosen The Designing of Machine-tools Department, Anton started to take part in scholarly endeavor right off the bat. Student was in the luck to make acquaintance with the boy as enthusiastic as he is - teaching assistant of the Department - Anatoliy Demyanenko. He is extremely persistent, fond of his work and fascinated with the latest studies. Not long ago, Anatoliy Sergiyovich passed Ph.D. defense under academic  supervision of Professor V.B. Strytinskiy, The Department Chairman, and became prizewinner in the competition  «Young Research Instructor 2015». He has a quick remembrance of his studentship, so finds a common language with advisee easily and captures their imagination. A. S. Demyanenko organized fraternity house «Prototyping of digital servo systems variable-axis machine tool and operating systems using LabVIEW environment», which A. Yakhno attends with great relish.

Presently, his academic interests are about robotics, machine-tools designing, digital servo systems variable-axis machine tool and operating systems, that are realized in LabVIEW environment. In parallel, he studies on the General Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, dreams to receive a master’s degree in NTUU «KPI» and in Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg; gain knowledge that allow to take part in affiliate programmes with leading machine-tools designing country – Germany. Only he intends to work within his specialty in Ukraine, where, he hopes, mechanic engineering and machine-tool manufacture, his blood and soul, will relive and become no worse than in the European Union.