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Issue № 19 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

Victor Vytvytskyi - Super Scholar

Витвицький Віктор

Probably nothing like this has ever happened in the history of NTUU “KPI”.

The meeting of trade union staff: 19.05.2016

2016.05.19 Засідання профкому співробітників / на фото - створення муралу на ЦКМ НТУУ "КПІ"

The regular meeting of the trade union committee of "KPI" employees took place on the 19th of May.

Meeting with the NTUU "KPI-Telecom"

2016.04.27 Зустріч з керівництвом НТО “КПІ-Телеком”

Meeting of representatives of NTUU "KPI-Telecom" with the administration and the head of the student council, student council campus and trade students union of "KPI" took place on the 27th of April.

Unforgettable trip to Zhitomir

2016.05.04 екскурсія в м. Житомир

Spring! A wonderful time when nature wakes up and comes to life after winter, and students take walk in the KPI park more often and go out with friends.

Labyrinth - Spring 2016

2016.05.13-15 змагання "Лабіринт", команда переможців "Покемони"

Every spring and autumn "KPI" campus provides sports and travel game "Labyrinth", which is looking forward to the students. And this spring is no exception. On the 13-15 of May 18 teams 180 members in total arrived at the base of the WTO "Polytechnic" where competitions were held.

Mykhaylo Ilchenko: «Without employing its own science and innovations into producing, Ukraine will finance the research in other countries»

безпілотний літальний апарат Spectator-М класу МІНІ

It can be argued that in Ukrainian society against the backdrop of permanent problems and threats, the nationwide strategy (national idea) of development of the country is not determined yet.

XXI round of comprehensive monitoring of the quality of training at NTUU "KPI" (KMYAPF)

XXI тур комплексного моніторингу якості - п'ятірка лідерів

In February - March 2016  the twenty-first round of comprehensive monitoring of the quality of training at NTUU "KPI" (KMYAPF) was provided by Institute of Education Quality Monitoring  

Meeting on Supervisory Board Creation for ‘Sikorskyi’s National Center’ Charity Fund took place in NTUU ‘KPI’

2016.05.20 збори зі створення Наглядової ради  Благодійного фонду  «Національний центр  Сікорського»

On May, 20th a meeting on Supervisory Board creation for ‘Sikorskyi’s national center’ Charity Fund took place in NTUU ‘KPI’. Viktor Yushchenko, the third Ukrainian president, participated in it.

Meeting with the Chairman of the National Space Agency of Ukraine

2016.05.20 Зустріч з Головою Державного космічного агентства України

The chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Lubomyr Sabadosh visited the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on May 20.

Forum of participants of Innovative Ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge» and the third class of graduates of Startup School

2016.05.18 Форум учасників Інноваційної екосистеми «Sikorsky Challenge» та третій випуск Стартап Школи

The third class of graduates of Startup School and the Forum of Innovative Ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge» was held on May 18 at the Center of Innovative Entrepreneurship NTUU "KPI".


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