The third class of graduates of Startup School and the Forum of Innovative Ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge» was held on May 18 at the Center of Innovative Entrepreneurship NTUU "KPI". Arrangements began from the Forum. It is logical because the Startup School is an integral part of the Innovative Ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge». The representatives of investment funds, partner companies, public organisations, universities, science parks and business angels, alumni, coaches and mentors of Startup School, graduates of KPI, investors, businessmen and scientists from Israel, the USA and Azerbaijan participated in the Forum. It was opened by the speech of rector of NTUU"KPI", academician of NAS of Ukraine Mikhaylo Zgurovsky which was devoted to the presentation of the ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge" and goals that the initiators and ideologists of creation set.

Further work of the Forum was held in the format of panel discussions. They discussed the ways of improving the efficiency of  "cultivation" of start-ups; improving the mechanisms and methods of training for entrepreneurs at Startup School; expanding of forms of partnership with the Business Incubator with funds and companies for support of created start-up companies; enhance of the role and effectiveness of the Competition startups «Sikorsky Challenge», which is traditionally held in October at the annual festival of innovation projects «Sikorsky Challenge», legal support of start-up activities by creating a regulatory framework of innovation and investment activity across the whole country and so on. Active participation in discussions was taken by Olexander Lobanov (Venture Fund USP Capital Ventures), Andriy Fialkovskyy (Prohresteh Ukraine), Andriy Yevtushenko (Fund of support for innovative ecosystem "Smart Fusion Fund"), Eugen Shulgin (London Issuing), David Aryeh ( «Transfotech», R & D (Israel)), Joyce Ultz (USA), Rusyf Husyenov (Azerbaijan State University of oil and industry), Mychaylo Riabokon (COO Noosphere (USA)), Olexander Tulko (USP Capital Ventures), Petro Korohodov (KALININ invention fund), Victor Teslyuk (Science park NUBiP Ukraine) and others.

The end of the discussion was the third panel of the Forum where new opportunities for Startup School were presented. They appeared due to the establishment of  engineering laboratories equipped with 3-D printers and other modern equipment. Here participants of ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge» can create three-dimensional models of their designs. It should be noted that using 3-D printers they can "print" objects of the most complex forms (individual samples were shown to participants in the lab of 3-D modeling). They may be used  for further work on the projects and a series of trials of new products as well as for their presentations to investors and potential customers. So now the chain from idea to its implementation  as a prototype and its prove followed by the creation of business and project start-up company has become complete. Coordinate the activities of these laboratories will be Head of Integrated Technology Engineering Mechanical Engineering Institute NTU "KPI" Professor Vitaliy Pasechnik. Incidentally, he is the coordinator of another famous university project - the creation of racing cars "Formula" Student KPI ". The head of the Department of Integrated Technology Engineering of Mechanical Engineering Institute NTUU"KPI" Professor Vitaliy Pasichnyk will coordinate the work of  these laboratories. By the way he is the coordinator of another famous university project - the creation of racing cars "Formula" Student KPI ". After the end of the Forum the ceremony of the third class of graduates of Startup School was held. They showed the audience their knowledge and skills, presented their business projects developed during the training. There were 26 this year and with a wide range of subjects. After the presentations and discussion the graduates were awarded certificates of completion Startup School and traditional "Sikorsky hats."

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