In February - March 2016  the twenty-first round of comprehensive monitoring of the quality of training at NTUU "KPI" (KMYAPF) was provided by Institute of Education Quality Monitoring  

    Monitoring covered about four thousand students of the fourth year, and 137 specialties , 113 departments   of NTUU "KPI".

    In the current tour, there was a high standard of knowledge basic discipline for the most specialties, which proves on the one hand the considerable work carried out by the relevant departments, and the other hand this is the conscientious attitude to monitoring by the students.

     Among the specialties that have made significant progress compared to the previous tour  the following should  be noticed  : The Protection of Information in Computer Systems  (FTI) Computer Ecological and Economic Monitoring (TEF), Chemical industries and enterprises of building materials (IHF), Enterprise Economics (FMM) , Information technologies (TEF).

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