The chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Lubomyr Sabadosh visited the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on May 20. The rector of NTUU "KPI", academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mykhaylo Zgurovsky, vice-rector of the University of Science of NAS of Ukraine Mykhaylo Ilchenko, the general director of the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" Volodymyr Ignat, the head of the group of designers of nanosatellites KPI "PolyITAN " Borys Rassamakin and others participated in a meeting with the head of Ukraine's space industry.

When opening the meeting, Mykhaylo Zgurovsky informed the guest about cooperation of KPI with enterprises of space industry and their participation in the innovative and production platform "Kyiv Polytechnic" which gave an opportunity to create a fully functional university innovative system. The space program of KPI is the clear sign of how important such environment is for university. Vice-rector Mykhaylo Ilchenko told the guest about its tasks and directions, as well as the specific features arising from the scientific specialty units involved in its execution. Among other things he outlined details of creation the student nanosatellites KPI «PolyITAN» whose members are preparing for the second spacecraft for the flight. Borys Rassamakin informed about nanosatellite «PolyITAN-2", which start in the international project «QB50» is planned for the current year and the challenges that it will decide in orbit. The main purpose of this international project is research of lower thermosphere of the Earth at an altitude of 90-400 km and development of new proposals for nanosatellites subsystems platform of CubeSat format. The development of the basic units of the device and its measuring equipment was made on this basis. Borys Rassamakin demonstrated the guest the large-format layout and told about the preparation of satellite to ascent to orbit. In addition, he briefly stopped on the achievements of students and engineers involved in the development of the satellite «PolyITAN-3", and in its design characteristics.

Summarizing this part of the conversation, Mykhaylo Ilchenko proposed to include KPI with its projects to "National target scientific and technical space program of Ukraine for 2018-2022 years" a concept of which is developing. Participants of the meeting also discussed the problem of financing the industry and individual space projects that are implemented by national industry and research groups. The problem of popularization of each successful step towards the revival of the state space capabilities and a wider acquaintance of fellows with achievements of Ukrainian scientists was raised. Finally the Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Lubomyr Sabadosh gave the University a set of products for nutrition in space, which is on display at the Department of Aviation and Space n. a. I.I.Sikorsky of State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI".

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