Spring! A wonderful time when nature wakes up and comes to life after winter, and students take walk in the KPI park more often and go out with friends.

Students who came to us from other countries especially like spring in Ukraine. On the 4th of May teachers of the department of language training of foreigners Yu.M.Halka I.V.Korablova took students from Iraq, China and Vietnam, who study Russian and Ukrainian languages for a year, for the excursion to Zhitomir.

This is an old Ukrainian city with its own history. On their way to Zhitomir students had been already asking a lot of questions while watching Ukrainian spaces from the bus window.

In Zhitomir students visited the Museum of Cosmonautics named after S.P. Korolev. After the tour they were watching exhibits, models of space satellites and spacecraft, asked questions about their creation and took pictures.

Then they had lunch in a cozy cafe in the central square of Zhitomir and visited the beautiful park named after Yuri Gagarin. Tourists admire the bridge over the River Grouse and magnificent views of the city. And they liked amusement rides - ferris wheel, autotrack. They left with the feeling of new and beautiful in soul.

I.V.Korablova, Yu.M.Halka, V.A.Shrayf

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