Science and Innovation at the University

The opening of the International Open Students Olympiad on Programming ‘KPI-OPEN’

The second month of summer for students, who are fond of programming, traditionally begins with the International Olympiad on Programming "KPI-OPEN" named after S.O. Lebedev and V.M. Glushkov. The year 2013 has not become an exception: on 2nd July the Olympiad solemnly opened in the Hall of the Academic Council of The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

For the past eight years, the "KPI-OPEN" Olympiad has become the largest in Ukraine and one of the world's largest ‘face to face’ programming contest among students. This year there are more than 90 commands from 64 universities of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Turkey, Hungary, Moldova, Estonia and Poland – in all almost 400 participants.

Science Must Become Popular Again

Considerable scientific potential of Ukraine is focused in higher education system (70 % of doctors and candidates of sciences ). Preparation of 81% and 85% of doctoral graduate students is carried out with higher education.


"What do you need to know to create a "smart planet "? " - Open educational seminar on this topic was held on May, 21 in a big physical lecture hall of NTUU "KPI".

On the Intellectual Property Day [research and practical training workshop “Practical Application of Forensic Enquiry of Intellectual Property Objects in Ukraine”]

In 2013 the International Intellectual Property Day, celebrated on April 26 every year, was celebrated under the slogan of "Creativity: Next Generation". With this motto it draws the attention of the general public to the role of youth in the country’s development. The progress of modern science, culture and arts is tied to young people. The youth are open to perception of knowledge, easily acquire skills and abilities, have an immense intellectual potential and extraordinary creative abilities which manifest themselves in the perception, picturesqueness of thought, restless imagination, aspiration for fantasy, relaxedness and keen memory typical of young adults. The notion of youth is directly associated with that of the future. And thus, more attention is being drawn to the issues of raising the younger generation’s interest in intellectual property, one of the most important phenomena of the XXI century.

Cosmic Horizons of Kiev Polytechnic science

Kyiv Polytechnic - the alma mater of outstanding designers of aviation and space technology, who changed our time, our world for the better. In particular, S.P. Korolev, I.I. Sikorski, V.M. Chelomei, L.V. Lyulev, A.M. Lulka, V.I. Kalinin and others were studied here.