Science and Innovation at the University

KPI nanosatellite development

Today most of large higher educational establishments in the world have university small-size space craft (SC) – nanosatellite creation programs. Creation of nanosatellites is a promising area of youth involvement with space subject.

KPI developments on Chernobyl

More than a quarter of a century ago there was a man-made catastrophe at Chernobyl. And the problems associated with the liquidation of consequences of the accident are still relevant today. Their solution is impossible without fundamental research.

Teacher-Researcher - 2010, young teacher-researcher - 2010, Leader of the Year - 2010

Pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council of the National University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on January 17, 2011, protocol number 1, lists of the winners of competition  NTUU "KPI" in the "Teacher-researcher - 2010", "Young teacher-researcher - 2010" and "Leader of the year". Congratulations to the winners of  competition NTUU "KPI".