A new term has started, and the cultural life of the University is intensifying.

The Art Space "The Vezha" returned from vacation with new lectures, acoustic concerts and literature evenings. Although the organizers keep in secret names and dates, but they announce a new art exhibition of talented KPI artist. Dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day, "KPI" donor festival "Upyrivka" took place  in “The Vezha" in cooperation with the student social service. This is an opportunity to surrender  blood and, in this way, to help patients, in addition, to check it for viruses free of charge, and even get a day off.

In spring the organizers plan to open a courtyard for more atmospheric meetings.

The LitVezha didn’t rest: the charity dates auction "Love with the litVezha" Kuzma’s Commemoration "Movchaty", litVezha vol. 7, etc. And on February 13 the litVezha invited students to celebrate the Valentine's Day together. The participants had an opportunity to enjoy poetry and music about love, to listen to the themed mini-lectures. Also the results of the auction were declared at the party.

In April, the organizers are planning to hold a festival. Valeriya Nastina, the founder and the main presenter of the litVezha: "More action on the streets and also interesting events. We will discuss both serious themes and ironic, satirical topical issues in our original style. We are planning unconventional celebrations and underground shows, we will try on new roles, opening up new dimensions, so that the audience, coming to the litVezha, got even more fun and positive experience. New faces, hot topics and extraordinary concepts are waiting for students. "

Meanwhile, the Coliseum is being improved. A projector, sound system and a mixer desk are already bought. In summer they will work on the internal building. And now intensified support of the relevant KPI services is required. The site is about to activate, so that everyone interested will be able to see the schedule of events. The organizers assure that the ColiseumFest will be held.

So, in this term the KPI-students will have numerous opportunities to take part in musical and literature evenings, to add some "points " to their karma when helping friends.

Olga Kryvenko, ETI