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SC Polytechnic (СОТ)

Health and Sport Camp "Polytechnic"

Кампус КПІ: Берег Київського моря бази відпочинку "Політехнік"

Address: Kiev Sea coast, village Glibovka, district Vyshgorodsky, region Kiev.
Trolleybus number 18 or taxi to Shevchenko square, then bus Kyiv-Sukholuchye to the HSC «Polytechnic»

University staff and students’ recreation

Бронювання путівок на літнє оздоровлення 2019

Every summer students and staff of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute can enjoy the holidays at leisure and wellness bases of the university.

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Labyrinth 2015. Autumn

2015.10.2-6 Лабіринт 2015. Осінь /

Watermelon. Latin deity. Mud. Students. "Polytechnic". What joins these words? Of course, the "Labyrinth." Travel Game "Labyrinth" for the KPI has become traditional. "Labyrinth 2015. Autumn" October 2-4, brought together students of NTUU "KPI" at the WTO "Polytechnic".

Summer in the "Politechnic"

Кампус КПІ. Студентський оздоровчий табір "Політехнік", 2014

Scenic Area in the pine forest, the lake, landscaped grounds and the beach, with decent living conditions - this way today recreation "Polytechnic" can be characterized.

Spring. Students. Labyrinth

2014.05 Spring. Students.  Labyrinth

Spring. Students. Polytechnic. What unites these words? Of course it’s the "Labyrinth". A tourist game "Labyrinth" has already  become traditional  for KPI. This event is long-awaited  for many sports, tourism and healthy recreation supporters. The "Labyrinth -2014.

The "Polytechnic" camp: pines, sea, beach

Кампус КПИ. Лагерь "Политехник"

This summer, the KPI students and staff had the opportunity to spend a splendid time in "Polytechnic", which is on the shore of the Kiev Sea. Over the past two years, the area around completely renovated dormitories walked its way through a decent improvement.


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