Scenic Area in the pine forest, the lake, landscaped grounds and the beach, with decent living conditions - this way today recreation "Polytechnic" can be characterized. A noisy student fraternity reigns here from April to October, while everything is ready for the rest and maintaining some collective events all year round.

The season is opened by traditional sports and intellectual plays "Labirinth", which in a few years from all-university were transformed to nationwide level. This spring, more than five hundred participants competed here with all zeal and ability. In the summer - freedom for athletes, families with children, fishermen and weekend campers, staying in tents and summer houses, with an appropriate infrastructure. Students are willing to arrange on the shore of the reservoir Days of faculties and other group activities.

Due to the constant attention of the university administration, in cooperation with the administration and the Student Council of the University campus there is a change for the better. This summer, the children's slides on the beach were built, equipping recreation areas on the lake and the creation of a basketball court and tennis courts was began. Indeed, among the variety of proposals for active leisure vacationers prefer the quantity and quality of services.

Base management is constantly in a creative search: attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, who in best of their ability facilitate the development of the base; maintains contacts with the heads of departments, who provide the work of student teams on arrangement of the base; holds competent and effective search marketing. For example, in early August at the base, an international festival of personal development was held. There were quite a lot of tasks: receiving a few hundred visitors with children and without, construction tent city and its functioning, the decision of other domestic problems - all that the team "Politechnic" has successfully managed. Proactive, conscientious and hardworking, they are really sick to work, which involved more than one year, to provide us a pleasant stay. Of course, in the complex mechanism of relations with public authorities is not without fly in the ointment. Sometimes delay payments passing through the State Treasury lead to unpleasant situations that the base management masterly solved showing endurance and resourcefulness.

Initiative, headed by the FE Deputy Dean D.I.Kletchenkov deserves a praise: it would be useful for all it students will participate in setting up the territory of the base with their own hands. Teams of FE students are willingly arranging to work at "Politechnic". Most importantly, Dmitry Ivanovich is convinced, young people learn to give without expecting anything in return. The students do different kinds of work: sorte tracks, remove fallen trees, build gazebo from improvised materials, etc .. They have learned to work in a team, to use construction tools, make friends, create a healthy relationship with real goals. Activists are proud of the results of their work, because what they created will serve future generations.

N. Vdovenco