This year the rest of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute staff and members of their families traditionally took place at the university health facilities - OK "Mayak", SVST "Sosnovy" and SOT "Polytechnic". As last year, due to quarantine restrictions, ticket reservations were made online. As it turned out, such a reservation is a convenient and safe way to purchase tickets. In addition, the service reservation system has been modernized and specially configured so that everyone with access to the Internet can apply for a ticket from anywhere. At the same time, the union members, employees and graduate students, as well as their children and grandchildren, got the reduction in the price of vouchers from the trade union committee.

The season at the bases of OK "Mayak" and SVST "Sosnovy" began with the reception of vacationers in the mode of "weekend base" from June 14. A full-fledged health season began on June 28. It lasted until September 4, and the SOT "Polytechnic" receives vacationers even now, because it works for a year.
The sale of food-including vouchers to OK "Mayak" and SVST "Sosnovy" was carried out on fixed arrival dates for 12 or 6 days. However, it was possible to buy a ticket without food service. This year, the format of food at the Mayak base was changed - a food distribution line was installed in the dining room. This allowed to diversify and balance the menu, which presented a choice of several first and second dishes, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, drinks and more.

Vacationers were offered a lot of entertainment. So, OK "Mayak" held various quests for children, e-sports competitions, volleyball and table tennis tournaments, talent concerts, cartoons and movies in the cinema, evening open-air film screenings, and much more. Ivan Kupala's holiday was organized in the SOT "Polytechnic", all participants of quests and competitions were awarded symbolic prizes. Vacationers had the opportunity to play tennis, volleyball and billiards and, of course, enjoy outdoor recreation and swimming in the Kyiv Sea. A photo contest was held at all recreation centres, in which everyone took part.

It should be noted that in preparation for the start of the health season at the recreation centres were carried out repairs of living rooms, plumbing, electrical networks, fire alarms, increased and equipped places for recreation. New sports grounds have been installed at all bases, playgrounds have been renovated and sports equipment has been purchased. Of course, the number of rooms has been partially renewed with the improvement of living conditions. The joint trade union committee provided assistance in the purchase and arrangement of sports and children's playgrounds and the purchase of sports equipment.

During the rest at the bases anti-epidemic measures were taken - the surfaces were treated with disinfectant solutions, the necessary distance between the tables in the dining rooms was maintained, the staff worked in protective masks, the necessary number of antiseptics, pyrometers, medical masks were purchased. Most recreation staff were vaccinated.

As a result, last season 2,300 people rested at the Mayak recreation center, including 795 university employees, 166 of their children and grandchildren, and 450 students. The SOT Polytechnic hosted 1,714 people, including 289 employees. SVST "Sosnovy" received 491 people, including 116 employees.
In addition to vacations at university bases, this year's union members had the opportunity to relax with children on preferential terms in health facilities, which were offered by the Kyiv City Organization of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine. At the recreation center "Medic" (Zatoka, Odessa region) 15 people had a vacation, on the basis of the medical and health complex "Sidus" (Skhidnytsia, Lviv region) - 14 people. The duration of vacation in these institutions was 14 days. Employees paid 50% of the ticket price for themselves and their children. The members of the trade union also had the opportunity to rehabilitate their school-age children in children's sanatoriums of the " Verkhovyna “ and "Carpathian stars” medical and health complexes (Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region and Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region). A total of 29 children were sent to these institutions.

For members of the trade union who need sanatorium treatment according to the testimony of doctors, the trade union committee provided vouchers to the sanatorium on preferential terms. 34 vouchers were provided to the sanatoriums of Ukraine. The greatest demand was for vouchersto the sanatorium "Red Viburnum” (Zhobryn, Rivne region) - 16 vouchers, "October" (Koncha-Zaspa) - 8 vouchers, "Vanguard" (Nemyriv, Vinnytsia region) - 4 tours, "Podillya" (Khmelnyk, Vinnytsia region) - 2 tours.
Now it's autumn, the season of "quiet hunting" - mushroom picking - continues. So we invite you, dear employees, to the SOT "Polytechnic". It is open all year round and has a dormitory with all amenities, which is heated. It can comfortably accommodate rooms for two, four or six people. We look forward to seeing you!

All answers to questions about accommodation at the university recreation centers can be obtained by phone: 098 946 14 73, 066 956 69 68, e-mail: ozdorovlennya.kpi@
Inf. of the Department of Property and Social Affairs and the Trade Union of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


OK "Mayak" is located on the Black Sea coast in the village. Lazurne of the Kherson region. SOT "Polytechnic" - in a picturesque corner among the forest belt on the shores of the Kiev reservoir in Hlibivka, Kyiv region. SVST "Sosnovyi" - in the green zone on the banks of the Dnieper in Ukrainka, Kyiv region.